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2017-07-20 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Why is parking allowed on the right side of School Street where it crosses Broadway? With cars parked on the right side, drivers who want to cross Broadway have to go into the left-turn only lane and block all those who want to make a left turn onto Broadway.

.As a resident of Fourth Avenue, why does it take months to remove tree stumps (if the village removed trees) and have them ground down? Are we spending too much time setting up for special events and not enough in our residential neighborhoods? This is poor management.

.I’d like to know who planned the security for the foot race on July 4 around Depew and Lancaster. It was not planned very well, because I am now trapped in my own neighborhood. Being the caretaker of an elderly resident across town at Lancaster Towers, this is extremely inconvenient for more than one party. Something needs to be done; this was not planned well.

.Wasn’t it wonderful to have July 4 in the village again? We had a good number of people come, I would estimate at least 8,000 people. It was very nice that the village put on fireworks again. For the few people who complain about wasting money, those are the same people who don’t mind wasting money for a dog park. People want a dog park so they don’t have to pick up after their animals. I’d much rather see 8,000 people enjoying fireworks. Keep up the good work, Lancaster.

.I had the pleasure of attending the Lancaster parade on July 4. If I wanted my grandkids to see tow trucks, I would have taken them on the Thruway. Half the people left before the end of the parade. It took three hours for a parade that should have lasted 45 minutes. There was too much time between the acts. It was very disappointing.

.On Cotton Street there is a stop sign and this past week or so I have been keeping track of the cars coming down Cotton Street but never stopping at the stop sign. Out of 52 cars, 52 cars went through the stop sign. Wouldn’t it be nice if the police department began ticketing these drivers? When there is a ball game at St. Mary’s School, drivers park on both sides of the street on Mechanic and Cotton, and the way people speed down Cotton Street and go around the corner, one of these days someone is going to be killed.

.The village events coordinator and village board should consider eliminating the rides and beer tent. The beer tent is nothing but trouble and has been for years. We don’t need all this in the village. Put on the fireworks and the parade, and that’s it.

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