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2017-07-27 / Police Blotter

Woman accused in theft of lottery tickets


Sunday, July 9

• Two shoplifters were caught attempting to leave Walmart with 51 items of merchandise. The two were confronted at the store’s south entrance and were escorted to the loss prevention office.

Saturday, July 15

• A temporary employee terminated from his job started making harassing phone calls to the company July 14. While on the phone, management told the man that if he returned to the business, he would be arrested. The following day, the man was arrested for sitting in the company’s parking lot.

Wednesday, July 19

• Two underage girls were reportedly caught drinking at a venue on Gunnville Road. A bottle of Captain Morgan rum was poured out at the scene.


Tuesday, July 18

• Police pulled over a man driving along Dick Road north of Wegmans for an expired inspection. Upon speaking with the man, police detected a strong odor of marijuana. The man told police he had a glass smoking pipe in the center console. Police allegedly also found a bag of marijuana when checking the rest of the vehicle.

Wednesday, July 19

• A hit-and-run accident took place outside Lancaster Depew Chiropractic on Dick Road. A car sideswiped a parked vehicle in the business’s parking lot, leaving a white paint transfer.

Thursday, July 20

• Police responded to Terrace Boulevard and Easton Street based on reports of a man slumped over the wheel with his car running. When police woke him up, he immediately tried to put his car in drive and leave. He then told police he was giving a friend a ride home, pointing to one of the officers. Police said the man was visibly intoxicated. He allegedly failed field sobriety tests and had a 0.19 percent blood alcohol level. The man was charged with a felony DWI, as he had reportedly been arrested for drunken driving on July 14.

Friday, July 21

• Officers were called to a home along Olanta Street for possible drug activity. Police reported finding a man sitting in the passenger seat of a car in the driveway, attempting to conceal a hypodermic needle and a metal spoon with heroin in it.

• A Sunoco A Plus gas station employee was allegedly caught stealing lottery tickets and cash on multiple occasions from the location along George Urban Boulevard. Management believes the female employee had taken more than $1,000 total, between cash from the registers and lottery tickets. When questioned, the woman reportedly admitted to stealing the lottery tickets but refused to pay restitution for the loss; she has since been fired. Officers were also made aware of a previous incident of theft with a prior employer out of Orchard Park.

• A woman called police after her car was broken into along Calumet Street. Someone had broken the driver side window, but nothing was stolen.

• A PlayStation 4, four games and a charging station were stolen from an apartment along Neoga Street. The resident told police the doors were locked, and the only way to enter the apartment was through a window left unlocked. Other items of value, jewelry, laptop and television, were left untouched. The man told police the only other people with keys to the apartment were his girlfriend and landlord.

Saturday, July 22

• A man driving along Meadow Lawn Road fell asleep at the wheel and struck a garbage tote, damaging the lawn of a home in the process.

• Two men called police to complain about neighbors along Green Terrace having a loud party, with people parked illegally. When officers arrived, no loud music was playing and all vehicles were legally parked. The men became agitated with police, swearing in public; one of the men was arrested for disorderly conduct.

• A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle at the corner of Broadway and Bigelow Place. The unknown driver struck a man in the right arm as he was crossing the street and then drove off. The man, who declined medical assistance, doesn’t believe there would be damage to the car.

Sunday, July 23

• A man called police after his ex-girlfriend made multiple purchases on his eBay account using his Key Bank credit card. Purchases totaled $1,595.76; EBay customer service told him he had to return the items for refunds.

• Police responded to Twin Village Salvage along Broadway for a vehicle accident. Police said the driver responsible was visibly intoxicated, failing field sobriety tests and having a 0.12 percent BAC.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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