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2017-11-16 / Police Blotter

Driver hits building, bending metal wall


Friday, Nov. 3

• A man who was the subject of a warrant out of Hamburg was taken into custody at Motel 6 on Freeman Drive. The man and another individual were in a room and refused to open the door; officers obtained a key from the front desk to enter. Two crack pipes and several pink and clear capsules allegedly containing cocaine were confiscated from the room.

Saturday, Nov. 4

• Officers initiated a traffic stop at Walden and Central avenues after witnessing a man slam on his brakes at the intersection, causing him to skid past the intersection, before turning right onto Central from Walden. Visibly intoxicated, the man reportedly failed field sobriety tests and had an alleged 0.16 percent blood alcohol level.

Monday, Nov. 6

• A male driver was pulled over for a loud exhaust and failing to stop at a stop sign at Pleasant Avenue and School Street. While police spoke with the man, Suboxone wrappers were visible on the floor of the car. A straw with a white powder substance that reportedly tested positive for fentanyl was also found. The man initially told police that he had a prescription for Suboxone, but the prescription bag was from more than two years ago. Police said the man then admitted to getting the drugs from his cousin.

Tuesday, Nov. 7

• A male driver was caught speeding at the intersection of Broadway and Bowen Avenue, traveling 45 mph in a 30-mph zone. The man was reported to be visibly intoxicated, allegedly failing field sobriety tests and having a 0.16 percent BAC. Officers also found suspected marijuana under the seat of the car.

Wednesday, Nov. 8

• A driver was pulled over on Transit Road near the entrance to Interstate 90 for having too many air fresheners hanging from the rearview mirror. Officers reportedly found 10 hypodermic needles on the floor of the vehicle, as well as a crack pipe and plastic bag allegedly containing crack cocaine.

• Police investigated a parked car at Wally’s Keystone Services, as the business was closed for the day. After seeing the officer’s car, the driver turned the lights off; the driver and passenger got out of the car to speak with the officer, stating that the passenger lives next door and the driver was dropping off his friend. After searching the vehicle, officers allegedly found a bag of marijuana and a glass smoking pipe in a boot in the back seat. Six aluminum foil strips containing Suboxone, as well as three clonazepam pills and one morphine sulfate pill, were reportedly also found in the driver’s diabetic bag.


Tuesday, Nov. 7

• Patrol responded to a business along Walden Avenue to investigate reports of sparking wires. Officers saw the sparking wires on the east side of the building near the roof; the foreman of the business turned off all machines. The Depew Fire Department and NYSEG also responded to the call.

• A man pulled too far into a parking space in front of a business, causing the metal wall to bend. The man “inquired about a part, but could not agree on a price and exited,” according to police narrative. Staff told the man he needed to wait until they contacted the property owner, but he left without leaving his personal or insurance information. Photos of damage to the car and building were sent to Depew police, and the man was left a voicemail to contact the station.

Thursday, Nov. 9

• Police responded to an apartment complex on Broadway after reports of a carbon monoxide detector being activated. A reading of 13 parts per million was detected, and officers believed the leak was coming from the boiler. National Fuel was contacted, and the boiler was disconnected; the tenant will call his landlord to make repairs.

• A fire alarm was activated at Depew High School on Transit Road. Officers spoke with maintenance workers, who said they were working on the system and accidentally cut a wire, causing the alarm to go off.

Friday, Nov. 10

• A Transit Road resident called police after noticing her car’s front and rear passenger tires were slashed while it was parked overnight, across the street from her residence. The woman suspects her ex-boyfriend is responsible and intends to get an order of protection from Depew Court.

Sunday, Nov. 12

• A Bostwick Place resident called police after noticing his car’s window was broken by an unknown person; it was parked on the street in front of his house. There was no other damage, and nothing was missing, according to police.

• Police responded to a home along Vanderbilt Avenue. The resident told officers his leaf blower and broom were stolen after he had done yardwork that day. He had left the tools near the street, next to his garbage can.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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