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2017-09-21 / Police Blotter

Puppies found in Walden Avenue storage unit


Wednesday, Sept. 6

• Police were called to a home along Partridge Walk for an unwanted guest. A man was banging on doors and windows, demanding money. The same man was also seen at the residence Sept. 11 causing a similar disturbance at the home; he was taken into custody both times.

Sunday, Sept. 10

• A hit-and-run accident occurred at the corner of Transit Road and Freeman Drive. The driver at fault spoke with police but wasn’t sure where the other driver was. Officers found the other vehicle in the Garden Place Hotel parking lot with extensive rear-end damage. The driver and passenger of the vehicle that was struck initially refused medical treatment but were eventually transported to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital for pain in the back and neck.

Monday, Sept. 11

• A male driver was spotted trying to make a left turn onto the Thruway from Transit Road, passing the red traffic arrow. Visibly intoxicated, the man told officers he was coming from Pharaoh’s, where he had two beers, according to police. He refused breath tests and was transported to the police station.

Tuesday, Sept. 12

• While attempting to serve a Village of Lancaster bench warrant to a resident along Newell Avenue, officers noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from the home. The resident told police he had just got done smoking and retrieved a small bag of marijuana and smoking bowl from his room.


Wednesday, Sept. 13

• A man received a call from the Village of Depew, per his caller ID. The caller claimed to be from senior services and was requesting personal identification, which the man refused to give. Police confirmed with the village clerk that the phone number is no longer associated with the village and advised the man that the call was most likely a scam.

• A driver struck a stop sign at the corner of George Urban Boulevard and Seabert Avenue, leaving the area with a flat tire. Police located the driver at home along Seabert, reporting that he was visibly intoxicated. The man said he was driving home from his mom’s house and had “a few” to drink. He told officers he wasn’t aware that he had hit anything on his way home. This was the man’s second DWI charge.

Thursday, Sept. 14

• Police were called to a business along Broadway for what appeared to be shots from a BB gun in the back of the building. The business owner told police that employees were having issues with youths cutting through the lot and with a youth at a nearby home. Officers advised the business owner to install security cameras on the property.

• Two neighbors along Barnabas Drive got into an argument, allegedly resulting in a man pushing a woman to the ground, causing a head injury. The man told officers the woman started throwing apples from her tree at him, and the two met in the front yard, which was when the verbal argument happened. He told police he didn’t touch her and that she is lying. The woman was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital and will come back to the station with medical documentation.

Friday, Sept. 15

• Two puppies were found locked in a storage unit along Walden Avenue. An employee of the storage unit heard barking when she walked by, cutting the lock. Cheektowaga Dog Control officers responded and took custody of the puppies; an SPCA investigator also responded to the scene. Officers had not made contact with the owner of the unit yet, according to police narrative.

Sunday, Sept. 17

• A driver struck a tree in Veterans Park, at the corner of Terrace Boulevard and Marengo Street. The man was extracted from the vehicle with the help of the Depew Fire Department and LVAC. He was transported to the hospital for a severe head laceration, as well as other injuries. According to police, the man was traveling at a high rate of speed with bald tires along Bloomfield Avenue and didn’t see the stop sign, eventually swerving and hitting the tree.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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