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2010-03-25 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

(Editor’s note: Call The Bee at 632-0390 and record a one-minute comment on our Bee Heard line. It gives readers an opportunity to comment quickly and candidly on items of local or regional interest. Callers do not have to identify themselves and no callers’ names will be used. In the interest of fairness and good taste, The Bee will not publish derogatory or insulting comments. All comments are by our readers and are subject to editing.

.What a surprise. You buy a house next to the airport that’s been in the neighborhood for 50 years, and all of a sudden you hear and see planes after you move in. If you move, I have a tip. Stay away from Genesee and Dick Road, or you’ll see more planes.

.I just read the article about the dissolution process, and everyone who gave an opinion is making a high salary. I wonder when you are going to hear the other side.

.Answer me this. In your article, you stated that a layer of government would dissolve if you dissolved the Village of Lancaster, and so would services such as the senior center, the youth program and the fire department. By making this statement, you are only saying to us that the village people are paying for these services. Well, then, no one in the Town of Lancaster should have access to these services if only village people are paying for them. Answer me another question. What extra services do we in the village receive that the rest of the town does not with our extra tax dollars? The dissolution of the village needs to be done.

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