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2011-05-12 / Editorial

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Lancaster/ Depew Editor

KUDOS — Congratulations to Lancaster Central School District, which is one of 51 districts in New York State and one of 172 school districts across the country to be named a Best Community for Music Education by the nonprofit National Association of Music Merchants Foundation, which has ranked schools and districts for the last 12 years. The foundation noted in announcing the winners that this is big news when one considers how music tends to be on the chopping block every year when it comes to budget cuts. The district’s music staff and students should be proud of themselves for their hard work, as should district and Board of Education officials, who recognize the importance of music in our schools.

MEMORIAL DAY EVENTS — Is your organization hosting a community event in honor of Memorial Day, May 30? If so, please contact me with details so we can help spread the word to the community. I can be reached at 204-4924 or cfarrell@beenews.com.

VERY COOL — Lee Greenwood, famous for singing “God Bless the USA,” has donated a handwritten copy of his song lyrics to Lancaster Opera House to help raise funds for it. According to LOH, this is the only copy Greenwood has ever given out. What a very cool thing to own. And, by donating to the opera house, you’re also helping organizers make a $25,000 upgrade in lighting and sound equipment. If you’re interested in making a donation, or finding out how you can own this patriotic piece, contact Executive Director David Fillenwarth at 683-1776.

VOTE — I grew up learning about Susan B. Anthony in school. The extent of the suffragist’s work, however, really didn’t hit me until my family and I visited her former home, which has been turned into a museum. Anthony fought for basic rights, like owning property and the ability to vote. She was jailed and threatened for it. I admire her courage. The idea that some of our citizens, years ago, couldn’t vote because of color or gender seems ludicrous now.

That said, it’s ludicrous that many of us don’t take advantage of that right. I encourage you to vote on May 17 — that’s when we have our say on school budgets and select board of education officials. We should vote, too, in the Corwin/ Hochul/Davis race for the 26th District on May 24. While the school elections are not drawing as much attention as the race for Congress, they’re just as important. Tell your school board officials how they’re doing. Let the district know if it’s on the right path. It’s your money, your kids, the betterment of your community.

Speak up. Cast your vote. Don’t let the sacrifice of so many go to waste.

Managing Editor

CANDIDATES — The Bee has a standing policy of only publishing profiles of individuals in school board elections when those candidates have opposition.

Therefore, in those races where candidates are unopposed, we do not print specific profiles. Every effort was made to contact each candidate in every school district covered by Bee Group Newspapers.

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