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2011-05-12 / Police Blotter

Son racks up more than $10,000 in credit card charges


Sunday, May 1

An officer on patrol witnessed two vehicles parked next to each other in the rear lot of a Transit Road restaurant. The passenger side door of one vehicle was open, and a man and woman were leaning in and yelling at each other and pushing each other. As the officer pulled in the lot, the couple got into the other car and left. When that car was pulled over, the male was seen hiding something in his pants. A search yielded one Suboxone pill in his underwear. The woman said she was arguing with the man, her boyfriend, because he picked her up late from work. A stop of the second car yielded a lighter and piece of foil in plain view. The male in the second car told police he met the first man at the restaurant at his request and was told to bring a lighter and piece of foil, but could not offer an explanation to police.

Friday, May 6

A loss prevention officer at Tops on Transit Road witnessed a man exit the store several times with items he did not pay for. He was found to have stolen $262.98 worth of groceries: $172.86 in beer and the rest in dog food and food items.

Sunday, May 8

Police stopped a driver on Como Park Boulevard for having only one headlight. The driver appeared to be intoxicated, failed several sobriety tests and had a .17 blood alcohol content and was charged with Driving While Intoxicated.


Wednesday, May 4

Police were called to Forestview Drive after two mailboxes were damaged. It appeared as though a vehicle sideswiped them.

Police responded to Walden Avenue for the report of a suspicious vehicle. They found a man in a business’ Dumpster removing copper and aluminum from discarded air conditioning units. He was charged with petit larceny.

Police were called to Main Street after a resident reported that his car was damaged by what appeared to be a hammer or other blunt instrument. The man said that his neighbor always yells at him for parking his vehicle in a particular spot and the two had last argued the day before.

A man reported that his son took his credit card unknowingly from him one month before and had racked up thousands of dollars in charges. When he received a bill for $3,400 and called the credit card company, he was told the balance exceeded $10,000. The son admitted using the card but the father does not have it in his possession. He was advised to cancel it.

A complainant reported that a former member of the fire department, who had keys to fire halls and one of the department’s pagers for the last five months, refuses to return the equipment.

Police responded to an accident on Terrace Boulevard at Bellevue Avenue. The male driver said he had struck a pole. He appeared intoxicated and was tested for sobriety, and failed the tests. He had a .19 BAC and was charged with aggravated DWI.

Friday, May 6

Police were called to a Transit Road residence after a woman reported her grill missing. During the overnight hours, the woman told police she saw two men outside her trailer and that they ran away after she confronted them. She did not notice her grill missing until the morning. Her bike had also been moved to behind her trailer.

Police responded to a Banko Drive home after a woman reported that the rear garage door had been tampered with and damage was found inside. The drywall had a hole in it and ceiling tiles in the basement had been pulled down. The property has been vacant since 2009 and a bank is in control of it.

Sunday, May 8

A manager of a business on Transit Road asked police to have a vehicle that had been abandoned since May 3 in the parking lot removed. The vehicle broke down on May 2 and the female owner slept in it overnight. Police were called to the business the next day for a welfare check and took the woman home with the understanding she would remove her car. When police told her that her car would be towed and impounded, she replied, “What do you want me to do? I can’t get ahold of my mechanic and Jesus died on Monday. Take it, it’s yours, Satan, take care of him,” while gesturing to an officer.

Police stopped a man, walking several yards in front of a woman, and who appeared hurried. The man told the officer he was fine. The woman, who at first gave police a false name, was discovered to have an order to stay away from the man. She told police she wanted to say hello to the man, who then tried to get away from her.

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