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2011-07-28 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I encourage every Lancaster resident who is concerned about the future of our town to attend at least one town board meeting before November. Last time I checked, the supervisor and town board are paid by the taxpayers. If I ever treated the person who signed my paycheck the way the town board treats its residents, I would be fired on the spot. You chose to run for office. This is your job, and you work for us; if you don’t like it, don’t run for office.

.Whose brilliant idea was it to close both Cemetery and Pavement roads at the same time for such an extended period of time?

.Regarding the increase in cost of school lunches, how about offering better lunches: more fresh foods and not so many processed ones? Let the kids buy a la carte more. Think Subway.

.I absolutely love and look forward to the spindle items by Colleen Farrell. It is such a pleasure to open the paper and read such pleasantries instead of complaints. She always has a little bit of humor and down-to-earth happenings, everyday things in everyone’s life that they can associate with. I so enjoy it, as many of my friends do. Keep up the good work, Colleen; you go, girl.

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