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2011-07-28 / Letters to the Editor

Gay marriage right to be allowed

I was skimming through The Cheektowaga Bee when I came across a very appalling and hurtful opinion on same-sex marriage written by Kathryn Dillon of Amherst.

She tries to tell us that same-sex marriage is the vehicle that separates children from a parent. That comment is beyond disgusting. What separates children from a parent is that ignorant, closed-minded attitude. The gay community of New York, and millions more, fought hard to make sure New York State lawmakers set a great example for our children and support the creation of a union between two people, regardless of gender, bound together by love. Denying two people of the same sex who have been in long-term relationships the right to have their love recognized is sending a message to our youth that discrimination and bigotry is OK.

The great lawmakers have decided to end such discrimination, and, thankfully, same-sex marriage is now law. Marriage for the gay and lesbian community is absolutely a civil right.

The majority of civil rights leaders agree. Even the late Coretta Scott King was a huge advocate for gay and lesbian civil rights.

Even if [Ms. Dillon] believes being gay to be a lifestyle choice, which it’s not, we should remember that for many, religion is a lifestyle choice and we have free exercise of religion in this nation.

Thankfully there is overwhelming support from youth of this nation when it comes to gay/lesbian civil rights and America is on the road to becoming a more tolerant, accepting nation.

Sam Amato
Temple Drive

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