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2011-07-28 / Police Blotter

Plastic spoons, red liquid found in driveway


Wednesday, July 13

A woman reported that a man who helped her move was supposed to take her stereo, worth $800, to her mother’s house, but never did. When she contacted him, he said it was at a home on Autumn Lea Road. She contacted a person named “Big Mama” who told her she could have her stereo back for $150. Police are investigating.

Thursday, July 14

A group of youths arranged a fight at a church parking lot, and one of them suffered a broken nose, concussion and injury to his eye. His friend received a message on Facebook, threatening them. An investigation is continuing.

Friday, July 15

Police were called to Penora Street after a car hit the northwest corner of a building. They located the car, which had knocked loose siding and a corner post. The driver, who showed signs of intoxication, had a .19 blood-alcohol level and was charged with driving while intoxicated.

There was a report that a man was forcing a female into his car, but when police arrived, they discovered the couple had just been arguing. The man told police he had marijuana on him. He was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana.

Saturday, July 16

A woman, returning home, saw a light on inside and a cab in her driveway. She called the cellphone she had left charging in her house, and her ex-boyfriend answered. She told him she had called police. He ran out of the house and left in the cab. The woman discovered her door had been forced open, her ex had removed his clothes from a closet, 147 Lortabs were missing, and food had been thrown around the room and mashed into her television. He was charged with third-degree burglary.

Monday, July 18

A Muskingum woman suffered first- and second-degree burns to 11 percent of her body after she lit her stove and her oxygen line ignited. Her hands and face were burnt.

Tuesday, July 19

Police were called by an employee at a bank on Transit Road after a couple attempted to use an ATM card but provided an invalid PIN. While they were talking to police, a K-9 unit discovered marijuana in the car. The male driver was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The investigation is continuing.

A man told police he discovered his air conditioner missing from the basement of the property at which he was a tenant. There was no lock on the door. He was advised to store his belongings in his own residence. The investigation is continuing.

Police were called to an A Street residence. A woman reported that someone put plastic spoons and a red liquid on her driveway. It was hosed off using soap and water.

A police officer on patrol pulled over a driver who had stopped crookedly at a red light. When the light turned green, the driver almost struck the curb. The man had slurred speech and staggered and swayed when he exited his car. He told the officer he had drunk “way too much.” He had a .14 BAC.

Wednesday, July 20

 A woman allegedly stole a 30-pack of beer and an energy drink from Tops. She was charged with petit larceny. She had also parked her car in the fire lane, so it was towed away.

A man reported that he had left his wallet at a gas station on Broadway. When he returned for it, $132 was missing.

A woman struck a car at a George Urban Boulevard business and left the scene. She was charged with leaving the scene of a property damage only accident.

A Warner Road woman reported that her son had a friend over who dropped a pill on the floor. The son said they had purchased the pills in Buffalo. The woman flushed the pill and told the friend to leave. He demanded $80 for the pill and told them if they didn’t pay, they’d be sorry. The next day, he returned, made more threats and said something about a television. After he left, the woman noticed the cord was cut on the 50-inch plasma TV. She wishes to press charges.

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