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2012-04-05 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I’m disappointed in the village board spending $900,000 on West Main Street in the downtown area. There’s a $1 million loan from a local bank on that property; where does that stand? And we’re going to knock down this property? This board makes no sense. It’s time for a change in the next village election.

.How about making the blinking signal at Drullard a regular signal? It would give people a chance to get out on Central and also slow down the traffic flow on Central.

.We feel that Lancaster is business unfriendly. When it comes to the signs and the historical society, no one even wants to come to Lancaster . We need little boutique shops, a cafe, a bakery. We need to be like a little East Aurora. Unfortunately, between the historical society and the board and the issues with all the zoning and signs, it’s a turnoff to anyone who even gives it a thought. Something needs to be done to attract people instead of driving them away.

.Please explain to me why The Bee is free in every other town except for Lancaster. (Editor’s note: A limited number of copies of The Bee are available free of charge in some of the communities where it is published. However, only paid subscribers receive such benefits as immediate access to that week’s online edition and specials on classified advertising.)

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