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2012-05-24 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.As a resident of the Village of Lancaster, I’m disappointed that I moved here from the Village of Alden. I’m disappointed with the service we receive from the Village of Lancaster. Alden still picks up their garbage and yard waste at the curb in a pile with their fall leaf truck. Alden still runs its water and sewer on its own; they never have a contractor. There are eight guys on their DPW. Granted, the village is slightly smaller than the Village of Lancaster, but they do a fantastic job, and where is our DPW?

.In November, we finally elected a supervisor who has the taxpayers’ best interests at heart. In May, those same taxpayers allowed a $90 million school budget to pass. So for every dime the supervisor saves you on your town taxes, your school taxes will go up 20 cents. Were you all too busy working your two jobs to go and vote? I just don’t get it.

.The County of Erie just totally rebuilt parts of Penora Street, and they did a beautiful job, but they didn’t finish the sidewalks. You can walk on Penora Street for 50 feet; when you get to another lot, you have to go back on the street and then you can return to the sidewalk 50 feet later. Why don’t you call your representative for the county and find out why they didn’t finish this job? Our kids have to walk to school.

.My wife and I would like to thank the two very young ladies who helped us last week when our car broke down in traffic. They were more help than the police were, believe it or not. And like they say, protect and serve, I’d like to know where. You, young ladies, did a very nice job; my wife will be forever thankful.

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