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2012-05-24 / Local News

Students learn about perils of distracted driving

Gallivan Gallivan Lancaster High School students were educated about the risks of texting while driving last week in a special presentation by AT&T and Sen. Patrick Gallivan.

As part of AT&T’s national “Txtng & Drivng…It Can Wait” campaign, students were shown a documentary, “The Last Text,” depicting the effects of texting and driving. Students then had the opportunity to sign a pledge to not text while operating a vehicle.

“When we’re young, we think we’ll live forever and that nothing bad can happen,” Adam Milton, Lancaster High School Student Union president, said. “Unfortunately tragedy can strike in an instant. Let’s do everything in our power to make our roads safer and make everyone aware that when they’re behind the wheel, texting can wait.'”

AT&T’s national “It Can Wait” campaign launched in March 2010, and to date, more than 21,600 consumers have taken the pledge not to text and drive on AT&T’s Facebook page, in addition to more than 16,700 AT&T employees through its internal social media channel.

Last July, New York State made it a primary offence for drivers to use a handheld electronic device while operating a vehicle. A violation can cost ticketed drivers up to $150 dollars.

“Distracted driving dramatically increases risk on our roadways, and in our age of quick information and instant accessibility, texting poses a real hazard for teenage as well as adult drivers,” Gallivan said. “I’m proud of each and every Lancaster High School student who signed the pledge today for taking their responsibility as drivers very seriously. They’re leading by example and hopefully will encourage their peers, their neighbors and their family members to make the same wise choice by waiting to send that text message.”

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