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2012-07-26 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Why do sheriff deputies direct traffic when church is letting out at St. Gabriel’s at 5271 Clinton in Elma? Who pays for this?

. I’m very disappointed in The Lancaster Bee regarding the Giza poll. The process of the hiring was the question, not the officer appointed. This should be a happy time for this officer, and you’re missing the entire point of the controversy. Congratulations, Mr. Giza.

.The town has put out bids for putting lights in Westwood Park. Lights in a park? Aren’t they supposed to be dark after dark? Why not use this money to finish the sidewalks on Penora Street? Maybe our kids aren’t really important to politicians.

.As a resident of the Village of Lancaster, regarding the ash bore disease on ash trees, the town’s forestry department has been working with pesticides to prevent any damage to their trees. What is the village doing to protect its trees? Are we doing anything or just waiting for the chain saw? Another reason not to be proud of this village.

.I am very concerned about the number of accidents that senior citizens seem to be having hitting restaurants and going the wrong way. I think the 10-year renewal period for a driver’s license is entirely too long for people age 70 and over. Seniors might be taking medications for various health issues and may have hearing and vision problems; in addition, many seniors are having surgery for knee and hip replacement, which could affect their ability to act quickly in an emergency. I am a senior citizen, and I am well aware how difficult it is to give up driving. I am in my 80s, and I personally did take myself off the road.

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