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2012-07-26 / Editorial

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago
Aug. 11, 1887

Harvest dances will soon be in order.

It is said that one good way to avoid being sunstruck is to keep the elbows perfectly straight.

Bicycles and their riders were rather numerous here on Sunday. About a dozen came out from Buffalo.

Miss Ella Ives is spending a few weeks in Darien with her sister, Mrs. C. E. Corp.

It is claimed that holding a shovel full of hot coal over varnished furniture will take out spots and stains. Rub the place while warm with flannel.

Miss Nellie Herger, Miss Bain and Mr. Harry Herger are spending to-day with the Misses Flora and Kate Dexter.

Astronomers say that the sun is cooling. This is pleasant news and very encouraging. However, as long as the mercury in the thermometer insists upon climbing up over the one hundred mark in the shade, we shall continue to think that there is nothing very frigid about the sun.-- Ex.

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Koopman are at the sea shore.

Woodcock and squirrel shooting is now illegal.

Mr. H. W. Dodge, of Williamsville, was in town on Saturday.

65 Years Ago
Aug. 7, 1947

Delivery of four sets of the largest single-tray industrial truck batteries produced to date was recently announced by R.H. Rowland, vice president of the Gould Storage Battery Corporation of Depew. The new batteries each have a gross weight of more than six tons.

Raymond Stoldt, of 44 Central Ave., Lancaster, has purchased the lot and building located at 133 Central Ave. (opposite the Lancaster Junk Company) from Erie County for $5,025.

55 Years Ago
Aug. 1, 1957

An investigation will be made into the fiscal operations of the previous six Depew School Boards, it was revealed by Albert J. Rydzynski, school attorney. Rydzynski said that he has found that previous boards have made expenditures without any authority in law, and an analysis of the budgets and financial records of the previous boards indicate a deliberate policy of underestimating anticipated revenues.

Dolores Morris, 18, of Lancaster, has been chosen as one of the semi-finalists in Station WBUF’s second annual “Miss Channel 17” contest.

The Public Service Commission has ordered Erie Railroad to install automatic flashing light warning signals at the grade crossing of its single Buffalo Division track and Erie St., Lancaster.

25 Years Ago
Aug. 6, 1987

Should non-residents be allowed to participate in Town of Lancaster Recreation Department-sponsored programs? That question has been the topic of debate by recreation department personnel now for several years. This is not the first time this issue has been the topic of heated debate. In 1976, it was decided to establish a residency rule, which would allow only Town of Lancaster School District residents to participate in recreation programs without being charged a fee.

Several Village of Depew residents acquitted quite well in last week’s Empire State Games competition in Syracuse. Among those Depew residents who “brought home the gold” was swimmer Becky Okoniewski. Another local resident, Valerie Banks, also experienced the thrill of victory as the Western region’s women’s softball team captured the gold medal.

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