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2013-08-15 / Editorial

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago
Aug. 16, 1888

The havoc of Arab traders in Central Africa is vividly illustrated by the fact that one of the tribes Bishop Taylor intended to reach when he started his missions three or four years ago was wiped out of existence some time before the bishop’s missionaries finally arrived at the borders of the desired country.

TheoldestpensionerontherollsoftheUnitedStates Pension Office is John Batchelder, late of Company D, fifty-third Illinois infantry. He is 103 years of age.

The shooting match between Mr. George H. Sandel, Jr. and Mr. Charles Ehrig Monday afternoon was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators. Mr. Sandel won the match by breaking 39 out of 50 clay pigeons, while Mr. Ehrig broke 29. Mr. N. Schiffler acted as referee.

Maurice Schrumm, aged 28 years, and living in Lancaster, where he has a family, was getting on a train at the Lackawanna crossing on Tuesday night when he caught his hand between the bumpers and crushed it badly. He was removed to the Fitch Hospital - Buffalo Express

One day last week a number of young misses had a pleasant picnic on John Bergtold’s flats.

In North Lancaster there were some welcome showers. It makes the corn and potatoes look thrifty and cows will rejoice at the greening up of the old pasture field. The milk maid begins to look more cheerful.

55 Years Ago
Aug. 14, 1958

The Village of Lancaster isn’t going to take any part in the decision of lot sizes within the Town of Lancaster. The Lancaster Town Board had scheduled a hearing on the proposition to reduce lot sizes to 70 foot frontage in the Sewer District 2 area.

Bruce E. Dickenson, Our Lady of Victory Hospital ambulance driver, was appointed chairman of the Hospital Employees Division of the Building Fund Campaign at OLV Hospital.

Terry Timmins, 18, of Long Beach, Calif., passed through the area in an attempt to be the first to cross the continent with no money, or at no cost to himself.

The Lancaster Lucky 4-Leaves Club, a 4-H organization, met in preparation for the Erie County Fair.

25 Years Ago
Aug. 18, 1988

The Depew Village Board decided to file a lawsuit against Data-Core Services Incorporated, which had been hired to improve efficiency in village offices. Officials were unhappy with the company’s performance and said that many promises had gone unfulfilled.

A Lhasa Apso named Nightline saved a Village of Depew residence from potentially burning to the ground. The barking of the dog at 12:30 a.m. on a Friday night caused its owner to step outside, and see flames inside a neighbor’s house. The owner of the house was not at home at the time, and the fire was contained to the kitchen.

A brief storm which lasted less than 20 minutes, had gusts of wind up to 71 mph, causing some damage in the Town of Lancaster.

10 Years Ago
Aug. 14, 2003

A resolution to appoint a police chief in the Village of Depew was tabled at a board meeting after trustees said that they wanted to interview candidates. A resolution to appoint a lieutenant was also tabled for the same reason.

A dozen residents stood and spoke at the Lancaster Village Board meeting on the topic of the new sewer and water bills, which they had recently received. Some alleged that their sewer fee had increased by as much as 150 percent.

A Lockport man died after suffering a heart attack in the back seat of a Lancaster Police car. An investigation by the department cleared the officers of any wrongdoing.

Some bushes on Warsaw Street caught on fire as a result of fireworks.

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