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2013-08-15 / Editorial

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Lancaster/ Depew Editor

KEEPING THE PEACE — While picking up the police blotter in the Village of Depew this week, I had the opportunity to witness something interesting. A call came in from a local business regarding a shoplifting incident.

I listened as the dispatcher spoke with officers and the complainant, calmly gathering and dispensing necessary information. I like to think that I operate well under pressure, but knowing that businesses and citizens depend on me to keep them safe would almost certainly be a bit much.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget how hard law enforcement personnel work, especially when it comes to the more day-to-day events that may never make the news.

I left the station, and as I was driving home, the description I heard of one of the alleged perpetrators was brought to life as I watched police handcuff the woman and put her in a car.

Perhaps nobody was in imminent peril, but it was neat to see officers working hard and getting the job done efficiently. So next time you see an officer, take a moment to say “Thank you” for the protection they quietly provide on a daily basis.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE — Similarly this week, I saw how the quiet efforts of business and community members can come together to create something truly life-altering.

The Geary family hosted a ribbon-cutting at their home as the finishing touches of a lengthy project are being put in place. Families expand and remodel their homes all of the time, but these renovations were intended to make life easier for twins Amber and Ashley, both of whom have cerebral palsy.

Their home previously had a second floor bathroom, which was challenging to reach for both of the girls and hallways that did not comfortably accommodate the width of Ashley’s motorized wheelchair. Now, the hallways are expanded, tracks are installed in the ceilings to help with easier movement, and a beautiful and accessible bathroom has been installed on the first floor.

The financial and physical demands of this project, let alone the time that went into coordinating all of the work, could be easily overwhelming for a family trying to raise a total of three daughters, so others stepped in to lend a hand, a tool, their time and their money to make sure the project got done.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this one is fortunate to have neighbors who are happy to help.

A SMOKY SITUATION — I suppose this week was simply a week for good Samaritans in town. In the police blotter, you will find a report of a man from Alden who was in a car accident at Broadway and Central Avenue while intoxicated.

The report says he crashed into a utility pole and following the crash, there was smoke coming from his vehicle.

There is no doubt, that is a dangerous situation. Witnesses to the accident pulled the man from the car to ensure his safety. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being anywhere in the vicinity of smoking vehicles.

While the report did not indicate that the car ultimately caught on fire, these residents went above and beyond to ensure that the situation did not become any worse than it already was.

Those people deserve a pat on the back and then some for their commendable behavior.

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