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2013-08-15 / Letters to the Editor

Foreign policy has been ineffective

My husband and I would like to compliment David Sherman on his excellent column that discussed the sad state of our foreign policy.

From the time Mr. Obama took office, he and his secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, have made little positive change in the world for the U.S. image. What happened to all the talk about discussions with Iran, with whom he implied he could readily discuss issues?

Why has our foreign policy given lip service to support for Israel? What happened to his statement that since Bin Laden was killed, al-Qaida was at an end? What a joke. They are now so strong that we had to close 13 embassies in “fear” instead of in defense of them.

Was he trying to cover up for the mistakes he and Hillary made over Benghazi, by acting now to “defend our embassies by closing them”? This type of defense is based on weakness, not strength. Indeed Mr. Obama should think about what Teddy Roosevelt said and begin to carry a big stick.

Thank you for addressing an issue that has been pushed under the rug by most of the media other than a few such as The Bee, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.

Marilyn Ciancio
Sebastian Ciancio

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