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2013-08-15 / Police Blotter

‘ Getaway driver ’ buying cake hampers escape


Monday, Aug. 5

• A Rumford Street man said someone had fired an arrow into the side of his house, causing damage to the vinyl siding.

Tuesday, Aug. 6

• A woman reported that she noticed two checks had been fraudulently written, signed and cashed out of her account for a total of $170. She believes her son is responsible.

• An employee of a Transit Road store reported that a man had apparently stolen GNC Meta-Ignite tablets worth $50 from the store.

• A motorcycle was traveling 67 mph in a 30-mph zone. While the patrol car was behind the motorcycle, the driver fled at more than 70 mph.

Thursday, Aug. 8

• A Depew woman reported a stolen handicap permit. She believed that it was taken the previous day.

• A Columbia Avenue man reported that he had found a cellphone in the grass and made contact with the owner’s mother. The owner of the phone had recently filed a report with the Cheektowaga Police Department that her purse and its contents had been stolen.

• A set of keys were found on Crane Street. The police were unable to locate any information on the owner and have the keys.

Friday, Aug. 9

• It was reported that a Chrysler had been driving all over the road and potentially had struck something due to a mirror hanging off the door. The Elma man was pulled over and told the officer that he had been arrested for DWI before. His blood alcohol content was allegedly 0.25 percent.

• A young man was involved in an accident, and his father was interfering with officers speaking to the young man. He began to curse at officers and was charged with disorderly conduct, but resisted.

• A Main Street woman reported that someone had entered her apartment and stolen a backup power source for her computer worth $300. There were no signs of forced entry, and she stated that someone else has a key to the apartment, but she did not know who.

Sunday, Aug. 11

• A Green Terrace man reported that someone stole more than $1,500 in cash from a basement locker.

Monday, Aug. 12

• A Harlan Street man reported that he found the door handle to his side entrance loose, but locked.

• A vehicle traveling on Penora Street was found to have a suspended registration for insurance not in effect. The driver’s license was also suspended.


Saturday, Aug. 3

• A Lancaster man was seen placing something behind a sign on Central Avenue. An officer found it, and it appeared to be marijuana.

Sunday, Aug. 4

• A Buffalo man was found trespassing at a storage facility on Walden Avenue.

• A man is suspected of stealing scrap metal from a local business.

• An Alden man crashed his vehicle into a utility pole in the Village of Lancaster. Witnesses removed the man from the car, as it was smoking and there was concern for a potential fire. The man driving the car had an alleged BAC of 0.25 percent.

Monday, Aug. 5

• A Traceway woman reported that she left her lawn mower on the curb near a garbage can. It is now missing, and she believes a scrapper took it, as she had seen several vehicles collecting scrap metal and other items on her street.

• A man stated that he was riding his bicycle in the Village of Lancaster and while making a turn from Garfield Street to Irwinwood Road, was struck. The passenger of that vehicle allegedly got out, threw the biker’s cellphone to the ground, and tried to engage in a fist fight. He then picked the bike up over his head and threw that on the ground as well.

Tuesday, Aug. 6

• A person reported that somebody had lifted speed bumps, exposing 8-inch spikes on Olde Stones Lane and that somebody had also let the air out of car tires.

• A Friendship man was trying to exit the parking lot of a Transit Road business but found he could not, because someone had pulled into the center lane. When he tried to back into the parking lot, he hit the car behind him. His license was suspended.

A woman went into a store, carrying empty bags from the store that she had brought from home, and came out with stolen items. She got into a car, which was parked in the fire lane and began saying, “Let’s go, drive,” but the driver of the car had gone inside to buy a cake.

Wednesday, Aug. 7

• An officer stopped a vehicle near Genesee Street and Transit Road because the operator did not use the turn signal. The Buffalo woman’s license was shown to be suspended for failure to answer a summons.

Thursday, Aug. 8

• A Depew man was passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle at a traffic light on Central Avenue. He was observed that way by the complainant for three or four light changes. When police arrived, he failed several field sobriety tests.

• A Buffalo woman allegedly attempted to steal multiple clothing items and a banner from a Transit Road business.

• A Dodge sport-utility vehicle rear-ended a 1972 Chevrolet. The Buffalo woman was ticketed for following too closely, aggravated unlicensed operation and driving with an expired registration.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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