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2014-01-09 / Business

National Fuel reminds of emergency options during cold snap

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation is advising customers to take particular care during extremely cold weather.

Though temperatures have been colder than usual, the utility is prepared to deliver the gas needed for customers to keep warm on cold days.

Anyone knowing of a resident or family living without heat should urge them to contact the company immediately to discuss restoring the service, or call National Fuel with their name and address.

A company representative will review the situation and offer options for getting the service back on. Special payment plans or community services may be available to assist them. Customers should call (800) 365-3234, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Beginning Jan. 2, customers who received a regular HEAP benefit may call the local Department of Social Services office to apply for a $400 emergency HEAP benefit. The customer must have a shutoff notice to apply for the emergency benefit.

Callers should be prepared with their case number, Social Security number, utility account numbers, household income and resource amounts such as bank account balances, etc. The HEAP hotline is (800) 342-3009 .

During the winter, especially after heavy snow or icy conditions, it is important to keep homes and natural gas meters safe. National Fuel officials remind everyone to clear snow and ice from exhaust and combustion air vents for gas appliances to ensure proper operation and prevent carbon monoxide accumulation in the home.

Keep the area around and above the meter free of snow and ice and clear a path to the meter for easy access. Remember to use caution when shoveling, plowing or snowblowing around the meter. Use a broom to remove snow from the meter itself. To avoid accidental damage by a third party, inform anyone who works near the meter, such as a snow removal service, of its location. People should not try to melt or break the ice themselves.

In an emergency due to the extremely cold weather, call National

Fuel’s emergency number at (800) 444-3130. This line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation is the utility segment of National Fuel Gas Company, a diversified energy company that is engaged in a number of natural gas-related activities. The utility provides natural gas service to approximately 730,000 customers in Western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania.

To learn more about natural gas safety, visit www.NationalFuel Gas.com.

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