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2014-07-10 / Editorial

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Lancaster/ Depew Editor

LIFE LESSONS — If we are lucky, we will meet some incredible people in our journey through life.

Unfortunately, those individuals are sometimes gone all too soon and we are left missing them and wishing that we had more time.

I met my boyfriend’s father, Tom, about two years ago, shortly after we started dating, and I found him to be funny, if not also a bit intimidating.

He spent a good portion of his life in the Air Force and the Air Force Reserve, was an avid hunter and was absolutely never afraid to speak his mind, no matter the topic.

In short, he was a no-bull kind of guy.

Since that first meeting, I had the opportunity to go hunting for the very first time, with Tom helping to show me the way. He also took me for a ride in his Cessna, even letting me be the pilot for a bit once we were in the air. Like all things with Tom, his directions were straightforward, and he expected me to do my best to fly the plane in an even circle around the landmark he had pointed out below. Nothing was riding on my accomplishing this task, but Tom asked for my best, and he was the kind of person who made people want to give even the little things their all.

When life issues came up, from where to rent an apartment to shopping for a new car, Tom always had a ready piece of advice, and the majority of the time, he was spot on.

Early Monday morning, Tom passed away after a battle with cancer that lasted a little more than a year.

I have seen a lot of people devastated by the loss of this person in the days that have followed, but as painful as that is, it is incredible to know just how many people loved him so deeply.

It is a cliche, no doubt, but moments like these serve as an important reminder that nobody is here forever. So while we have the people we love, we have to remember not to squander our time with them, as it is perhaps the most precious commodity we ever have.

AN IMPORTANT QUESTION — The issue of the use of the word “Redskin” has been a hot topic nationally as of late, and it is one that hits close to home as well.

Here at The Bee, we have been discussing the issue, and it is certainly one that we take seriously.

The feedback of our readers is always important to us, and with that in mind, we will be leaving last week’s poll question, regarding the media’s use of the word in print, on our website for another week. Recults will be available in next week’s edition.

We hope that you take the time to give the issue some thought and then head to our websites, www.lancasterbee.com or www.depewbee.com, and let us know what you think.

COLORING CONTEST — Bee Group Newspapers and Dipson Theatres are hosting a coloring contest centered around the new Disney movie, “Planes: Fire and Rescue.”

Three winners will be chosen from each of three age groups, with each winning a family four-pack to see the movie at Flix Stadium 10, 4901 Transit Road, Depew. The contest form and illustration will be found in this week’s Classified section. Entries are due by July 18.

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