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2014-07-10 / Police Blotter

Youths set off fireworks on third of July


Monday, June 30

• Police responded to a Transit Road liquor store for a report of an armed robbery. The suspect reportedly fled the scene on foot, heading south. The owners of the store told police the man possessed a handgun and demanded money. The man absconded with an unknown amount. An investigation is ongoing.

• Officers responded to a report of shoplifting at a Dick Road grocery store. Employees struggled with the thief, who stole a cart full of groceries. After fleeing with the merchandise, the individual headed east on George Urban Boulevard. The theft involved $388.25 worth of merchandise.

Thursday, July 3

• There was a report of youths setting off fireworks at Dawson Field, but the suspects left the premises before police arrived. A white plastic bag was found containing various fireworks. It was seized by police and destroyed.

Saturday, July 5

• Police responded to the report of a burglary at a building on George Urban Boulevard. An employee said he observed that the side door to the building was cracked open. Also, the front of the building had a panel from the fourth bay that was kicked in. Seven state inspection sticker books and $100 were taken.

• A petit larceny was reported on Burlington Avenue. The complainant said she left her apartment to two others while she was out fishing. When the complainant returned home, a computer, some strawberry vodka and margarita mix were missing. Officers were unable to make contact with the two people the complainant had left in the apartment.

Sunday, July 6

• Police responded to a complaint at a Dick Road fast food restaurant. A man drove up to the drive-thru window and began staring, waving and asking a female employee for her phone number. She didn’t grant the man’s request. After going through the drive-thru, the man parked behind an employee’s car in the parking lot and continued staring and waving. The officer advised the man to leave and never return to the establishment. Police said if he did, charges would be forthcoming.

• Managers of a store reported an attempted larceny of $325 worth of energy drinks. The managers told police that the suspect acted strangely in the store and was evading them when they began to follow. The person proceeded to the checkout with a cart full of chips and 5 Hour energy drinks, some of which were in her arm bag. She left the cart and proceeded to walk out the door. Before leaving, managers asked about what contents were in the bag, to which she did not respond. The managers then asked to take the bag, and that she allowed it.


Saturday, June 28

• While speeding on Aurora Street, a man was pulled over and could not produce a license, registration or insurance card. He had a blood alcohol content of 0.13 percent.

• A man was pulled over at the corner of Autumn Park and Nathans Trail after a resident reported him for erratic driving. An officer pulled up and turned on his lights, but the driver did not seem to notice. When the officer approached the car window, the driver seemed to be moving in slow motion, and some pills were found in his pocket.

Sunday, June 29

• A young man was reportedly sitting by himself in a parking lot, apparently smoking marijuana and rolling some sort of cigarette.

• Having been pulled over for a suspended registration, a Hamburg man was found to have recently been smoking marijuana.

• A man found a bicycle with one wheel in his yard.

Monday, June 30

• A plate query resulted in the discovery of a stolen car in the parking lot of a Transit Road inn. The car was pulled over, and the driver had a debit card not belonging to him or the owner of the car in his pocket. While the male driver stated that he asked his cousin to borrow a car and had been loaned this one at $40 per day, the female passenger said, “I knew the car was stolen. We got the car from a crackhead.”

• A call was made to police when a passerby heard an argument in the house. The woman there had an active stay away order of protection against the man, but she claimed that she had never requested such an order.

• While on Holland Avenue, a man was pulled over for having a suspended registration and was found to also have a suspended license. The rear license plate was seized, and in its removal, the car sustained some damage.

Tuesday, July 1

• Three men and a woman were arrested after they were found smoking marijuana on Caswell Street in a car. Due to their impaired condition, the car was towed.

Wednesday, July 2

• A woman placed an ankle bracelet and two nail polishes in her purse at a Transit Road department store. When confronted and asked to empty her purse, she said, “I didn’t mean to steal those.”

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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