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2015-04-02 / Police Blotter

Suspicious man found with pants down in parking lot


Monday, March 23

• A suspicious registration caused a man to be pulled over. It was found that his license had been suspended following a DWI and that there was a warrant for his arrest out of West Seneca.

Tuesday, March 24

• A man’s registration was suspended for not having insurance, and his license was suspended for failing to answer a summons out of the Town of Amherst.

• A Main Street woman reported that her side-view mirror had been broken while her vehicle was parked. It was damaged, but there were no pieces of plastic on the ground. She then remembered she had recently lent the car to a friend.

• One woman reported she believed her vehicle had been struck by a neighbor with whom she has had ongoing problems. The other woman told police she believed the complainant damaged her vehicle more than a week ago. There was no evidence to prove either story.

Wednesday, March 25

• On Terrace Boulevard, a man was leaning over an occupied vehicle and appeared to exchange something with one of the occupants. The standing man was later found to have a hypodermic needle; one passenger admitted to having a marijuana pipe; two pills believed to be Xanax were found in a wallet in the vehicle; and the driver had five additional pills in his sock.

• A woman was pulled over because her registration was suspended for parking violations. She stated that she had received a parking ticket in Buffalo and had overlooked it.

• While driving in a work zone, a man was pulled over for speeding. He appeared intoxicated and was asked to perform several field sobriety tests, which he reportedly failed. He allegedly stated to the officer that he had two priors and “I only had six pints.”

Thursday, March 26

• After a man proceeded through a steady red light, he was pulled over and it was found that his conditional license was revoked for a traffic infraction and there were also two open suspensions, one of which was for driving while ability impaired by alcohol.

• A Main Street man reported that his friend, whom he had been letting stay at his home, had allegedly stolen and pawned one of his video games. Police made contact with the man and he admitted selling it for $10.

• A suspicious man was asked to leave a gas station and was later found with his pants around his ankles in the parking lot of a Dick Road grocery store.

• The cabinets in a Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps ambulance were damaged after a man who was being transported repeatedly kicked it.

• A Department of Public Works employee found a black purse, which contained a Darien Lake season pass, and turned it in to the police.

Friday, March 27

• Both tires on the passenger side of a car being driven on Transit Road were flat. When an officer tried to pull the driver over, he pulled into a parking lot without signaling and got out of the car, claiming he didn’t know he was being pulled over. The man’s alleged blood alcohol level was 0.15 percent.

• A man reported that when he went to file his taxes, he was informed that someone had already filed a return in his name.

• Due to a tire issue, there was a car on fire outside a pizza shop.

• At a Dick Road grocery store, a man allegedly attempted to steal tooth whitening products worth nearly $80.

• A Depew man reported that his girlfriend had stolen his suboxone but gave police different versions of the story. The girlfriend said the couple had just broken up and that she had not taken the suboxone, but that the man overuses and sells the substance.

• A man was allegedly speeding and not wearing his seatbelt on Transit Road and was pulled over. His license was suspended for failing to answer a summons out of Cheektowaga.

Saturday, March 28

• A convenience store employee reported that a man had stolen a can of Four Loko. Police followed footprints to the garage of a Pleasantview home. They did not find the suspect, but a party had clearly been taking place there and an 18-year-old male was walking down the driveway. The young man was the subject of an active warrant out of West Seneca.

Sunday, March 29

• At the Dick Road train station, a person reported that a vehicle had stolen license plates. The car’s plates were reported stolen in Buffalo on July 29, and the car itself was reported stolen out of Laporte, Indiana, on July 25.

• A Warner Road resident called his father, whom he lives with, and said their house had been burglarized. The only thing that was taken was a bottle of hydrocodone pills.

• At the police station, a man turned in an iPhone that he had found near Depew High School.

• After tailing other cars very closely and abruptly crossing several lanes of traffic, a driver was pulled over on Transit Road. When asked for her license, the woman handed the officer an ATM card, then her Dave and Buster’s card. She reportedly failed several field sobriety tests and had an alleged blood alcohol level of 0.17 percent.


Saturday, March 14

• A Carter Street man reported that someone had siphoned approximately 16 gallons of gas out of his vehicle while it was parked in his driveway overnight.

Thursday, March 19

• At a Transit Road store, a Depew man allegedly attempted to leave with more than $400 in merchandise, including shaving items and a GoPro Hero. A manager told police that when he attempted to stop the man, he was punched in the face and the resulting altercation damaged his shirt, glasses and phone belt clip, and caused brushburns and swelling. The alleged thief attempted to flee on foot but was arrested.

• A man allegedly walked out of a Transit Road store with a bag of candy worth $2.88. He was arrested and issued an appearance ticket.

Saturday, March 21

• Following an accident on Central Avenue, the driver of one vehicle appeared to be intoxicated. He stated he had been drinking a little and had an alleged blood alcohol level of 0.13 percent. Following his arrest, police found what they thought was heroin in the vehicle, but the driver corrected them, allegedly saying it was the drug “molly” and he had used it a few hours prior.

• An Attica driver was pulled over for having a broken taillight. He told the officer that he was on his way to Elma to complete court-ordered community service, but that his license was suspended for failing to answer a summons out of the Town of Orchard Park.

• A man was given multiple tickets for violating the parameters of his conditional license while dropping a family member off at the airport.

Monday, March 23

• A Sloan man was driving on Transit Road with a suspended registration.

Tuesday, March 24

• On Genesee Street, a man involved in an accident was ticketed for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third degree.

• Outside a Transit Road store, police queried a license plate of the registered owner, who was the subject of an outstanding bench warrant from the Town of Cheektowaga for possession of a hypodermic needle and criminal possession of a controlled substance. The man also had a syringe in his vehicle but had a Needle Exchange Card. Police found a bag of candy on his person, which he allegedly admitted to having stolen from the store he just exited.

Thursday, March 26

• On Freeman Drive, a Buffalo man was driving with a nonoperational headlight. It was found that he did not have a license due to two prior convictions of unlicensed operation.

• A Buffalo man had a suspended license for failing to answer a summons out of the Town of Tonawanda.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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