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2016-02-25 / Local News

Lancaster hams to help students contact space station

An international consortium of amateur radio organizations and space agencies, including NASA, the Whitworth Ferguson Planetarium at SUNY Buffalo State and the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club, will be helping some Buffalo public school students contact astronauts on the International Space Station via amateur radio.

Elementary students at PS 97 Harvey Austin are scheduled for the rare opportunity at 11 a.m. Tuesday, March 1. PS 97 was one of only 20 schools worldwide selected for the event.

Pam Ware, a member of the Lancaster Amateur Radio Club and the holder of an Amateur Extra license, is the liaison for the team of radio operators in providing hands-on experience and training for the students.

“This is a very challenging and very exciting opportunity for these students to learn about space travel and exploration, how the astronauts live and work in space, and how the students can, even at a young age, become radio amateurs and learn cutting-edge technologies for the emerging field of interplanetary communications,” Ware said.

LARC was founded in 1987 by Western New York ham radio operators to advance the amateur radio hobby in the area. Since the founding, it has grown from just a few members to the largest amateur radio club in Western New York.

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