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2016-04-14 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.As a resident of the Village of Lancaster, I believe this should be the year we abstain from all special events. The money we save from doing this should go toward the rat problem; we should hire an exterminator. One of the areas that needs help is the downtown area, where special events take place. The village never has any lids on their cans at special events. There is litter and food all over; it’s just a feast for the rats. Furthermore, I wouldn’t want to go down there with a bunch of rats. I’d rather control the rat problem than see fireworks this year.

.Our esteemed mayor of Depew, come on, let’s have some transparency like you ran on your platform. What is the big deal about posting a meeting? I think the public should be informed of what’s going on in your office.

.Since Johanna Coleman became supervisor, the Town Board minutes and agendas are no longer posted on the Town of Lancaster website. Many of us seniors can’t get out to the Town Board meetings, and reading the actions of the Town Board was a nice feature. Please put it back.

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