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2016-04-14 / Editorial

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Lancaster/ Depew Editor

COME TOGETHER — Recent classes hosted by St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, part of the Generations of Faith program, brought together people of separate faiths, namely Catholic and Muslim, to share a productive and enlightening conversation.

In a time when fear-mongering seems to be at a disturbing high, I can’t think of a better activity to be taking place in the community.

Too often, fear is merely a byproduct of ignorance. We are often afraid of that which we do not understand, and that kind of fear can lead to damaging behaviors.

Sadly, in the current political climate, some individuals are seeking to augment and ultimately benefit from that fear, which is beyond saddening and is simply unacceptable.

Some of the greatest travesties our world has ever known have come as a direct result of ignorance, blind hatred and the calculated division of people based on their backgrounds and beliefs in order to breed distrust.

In these conversations, no participants were seeking to convert one another or change the people with whom they shared a table, and that is a wonderful thing.

We need not be the same to build a better world together; we need only to be respectful and supportive of those around us in order for us to all build communities, a country and a world that are the best versions of what they can possibly be.

ACADEMIC ACCOLADES — Eric Nowak, a Depew resident, was recently bestowed with the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence.

Nowak is a dietetic technology student at Erie Community College and will be recognized for his achievement at the school’s commencement ceremony, slated for Wednesday, May 18.

The Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence was created in 1997 to recognize students who have best demonstrated, and have been recognized for, the integration of academic excellence with accomplishments in the areas of leadership, athletics, community service, creative and performing arts, campus involvement or career achievement.

It is the highest honor bestowed upon a student by his or her SUNY college or university.

From a total of 64 campuses across the state, only 248 students were given this accolade.

Congratulations to Nowak are in order for such an accomplishment.

Additionally, a total of 20 students from Lancaster and Depew who are enrolled at one of the Erie 1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services’ three technical centers were recently inducted into the National Technical Honor Society.

In order to receive this distinction, students had to be nominated by their teachers and have achieved 90 percent or higher in their career and technical education course and maintained an overall grade point average of 85 or above.

These were not the only standards the students had to meet, and you can read more about them in this week’s edition of the paper.

To maintain such high academic standards is no easy feat, and the students who were inducted, as well as those who support them, have every reason to be proud of such a distinction.

Kudos to all.

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