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2016-04-14 / Police Blotter

Coop construction causes discord


Monday, April 4

• A woman was pulled over because it was believed her license was suspended. The officer reportedly found 20 pills, believed to be Lortabs, on the floor of the vehicle, but when asked, the woman said she did not know what they were.

• While admittedly under the influence of prescription drugs and alcohol, a man gave his daughter’s boyfriend his debit card to open a television provider account. The man believed the boyfriend did so under the man’s name to avoid the bill, but when he tried to cancel it, he was told there was a $400 disconnect fee.

Tuesday, April 5

• While going to work, an officer saw a man driving an estimated 80 mph on Broadway. The man also reportedly ran a red light and was swerving dangerously in and out of traffic. The officer, in full uniform, stopped the man while he was in a drive-thru line. When the man was told he would be receiving several summonses, he reportedly said, “No you’re not. You’re off duty,” and tried to drive away.

Wednesday, April 6

• A mother called police on her 21-year-old son, as he was an unwelcome guest. During a pat-down, the man slipped out of his jacket and fled on foot. He was eventually tackled in shallow water and arrested. A syringe, suspected heroin and four glassine baggies were allegedly found in his jacket.

Friday, April 8

• A noise complaint caused police to go to a home where a man was reportedly building a chicken coop in the backyard with power tools just prior to 11 p.m. When the officer asked the man for identification, he allegedly twice refused, and when he was told he was being placed under arrest, he said “no.” The man was arrested anyway.

Sunday, April 10

• A man, who is reportedly being evicted from an apartment his mother owns, allegedly spun the wheels of his truck on the lawn of the property, causing damage. The woman living with the man told police that one of the landlady’s other sons, as well as three additional people, had been at the apartment the night before harassing her and going through her things.


Friday, April 1

• A woman had just purchased a car and was driving it without proper license plates. She had the proof of title transfer but was issued violations for not having an inspection certificate, operating without insurance, driving with improper plates and driving without a license.

Saturday, April 2

• A Buffalo woman was taken into custody at a Freeman Drive motel on an outstanding bench warrant from Amherst. Amherst was later notified the woman also had a warrant out of the Town of Niagara.

• In a Transit Road store, a woman allegedly picked up more than $400 worth of items. While in the stationery section, she put them in her purse and then reportedly tried to leave the store.

Sunday, April 3

• While on Transit Road at just prior to 4 a.m., a woman did not have her headlights on and was stopped by police. She had an alleged blood alcohol level of 0.2 percent.

• A vehicle reported stolen from an airport car rental business was located in the parking lot of a Freeman Drive motel.

Monday, April 4

• Two women allegedly tried to take more than $230 worth of merchandise from a Transit Road store but put the goods in a purse from that store, and one subject reportedly took off her shoes and replaced them with a pair from the store.

Tuesday, April 5

• A woman was driving a rental vehicle from a car dealership and was pulled over because the registration was revoked. She drove it back to the dealer with police, and the license plates were then confiscated.

Thursday, April 7

• A West Seneca man was stopped for having an inoperative headlight. Additionally, his license was suspended for failing to answer a summons out of the Town of Cheektowaga, and his registration was suspended for not having insurance in effect.

• A Buffalo man was driving on Transit Road with a broken taillight and no driver’s license.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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