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2016-05-26 / Local News

STAR program undergoes restructuring

According to officials in the Town of Lancaster, recent law changes have resulted in the restructuring of the STAR program, which will impact numerous residents.

“If you have either applied for the STAR property tax exemption beginning this year or you closed on your home after the March 1, 2016 deadline, you will now have to apply through New York State,” said a release from the Town of Lancaster.

Despite the amount of the benefit being the same for residents, their method of reimbursement will be different. STAR recipients will now receive a check directly from New York State, rather than receiving a school property tax exemption.

In order to be eligible for a STAR check, residents must register with the New York State Tax Department, and can do so by visiting www.tax.ny.gov or by calling 518-457-2036.

Those looking to register must do so prior to July 1 in order to receive a STAR check this fall.

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