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2016-05-26 / Police Blotter

Paid-for groceries don’t make up for cosmetic theft


Tuesday, May 17

• A woman received an email from a cellphone company, thanking her for the purchase of three smartphones, which she did not make. The phones were bought in Clay, New York, and the woman who bought them reportedly had a passport identification in the victim’s name and another identification in the victim’s maiden name. She also knew all the answers to her security questions and her security passcode.

• At a grocery store, a man allegedly bought a gift card at a self-checkout, then went to the bathroom. When he came out, he tried to buy another card at a manned checkout, but when asked for identification for his credit card, the man said it was in his car, but never came back.

• When a man entered his home, two men who live in the same building were in his kitchen. When he asked them what they were doing there, they simply left.

Thursday, May 19

• The manager of a fitness center reported that his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle, which appeared to have been left unlocked. The manager also reported that a gym member also had items stolen from a vehicle.

Friday, May 20

• A man reported that while trying to install a grill, he believes he broke a gas line inside the wall of his home.

Saturday, May 21

• A woman reported that her daughter, who lives with her father, had called her looking for a ride and became irate when she was not able to provide one. Later that day, the woman’s younger daughter returned home and found someone had stolen a pair of her sneakers, her backpack and jewelry, and a neighbor reported possibly seeing the older daughter on the front steps.

• While probation officers were checking up on a man, they reportedly found a clear plastic bag and a white straw, which appeared to have cocaine residue on them. A razor blade was also seized.

Sunday, May 22

• A Huffy bicycle was reportedly found in the bushes near a man’s house. He said that it did not belong to anyone who lives there.

• At roughly 1:18 p.m. an unknown person reportedly stole a power trimmer from the front yard of an Asbury Place resident. The man said that he had left for five minutes to chat with a neighbor.


Friday, May 13

• A Williamsville man was reportedly passed out at the wheel of his running vehicle on Fairfield Avenue. When the man was awoken, he was reportedly very confused and admitted to using heroin and Xanax before driving. In his shorts pockets, he allegedly had 17 alprazolam pills, two baclofen pills, and two envelopes of heroin laced with fentanyl.

• A vehicle with one passenger rear-ended another vehicle on Transit Road, and both the driver and the passenger had only learner’s permits. The driver’s father was on the scene when officers arrived and said his other daughter, who has a license, had been in the car but he had taken her home to watch her children. Surveillance video of the area revealed there was no third person in the car.

Saturday, May 14

• A nonoperational headlight caused a man to be pulled over on Central Avenue. His license was suspended for failure to pay child support. When asked if he had any paperwork, he reportedly said, “I threw it in the garbage.”

Sunday, May 15

• A South Wales man was arrested at a Freeman Drive motel on an Erie County arrest warrant. He reportedly also was the subject of outstanding arrest warrants from the Town of Cheektowaga and the City of Rochester.

Monday, May 16

• At a Transit Road grocery store, a woman reportedly paid for a cart full of items, but attempted to leave the store with nearly $60 in makeup in her purse.

Wednesday, May 18

• At Gunnville Road and Genesee Street, two vehicles were stopped for going through a red light. In one vehicle, a man with a revoked license was driving the car of his girlfriend, who was the passenger. The man said he was driving because his girlfriend was pregnant and ill; however, she had a stay away order of protection against him.

• A Lancaster man was pulled over at Broadway and Church Street due to his registration being suspended as a result of not having insurance. He also had a suspended driver’s license.

Thursday, May 19

• A man with a passenger in his vehicle reportedly struck a utility pole, and when officers arrived, it was being held together solely by high-voltage wires. The men were ordered away from the vehicle, and one was bleeding from his face. The driver reportedly admitted to having between six and eight drinks that evening but refused a breath test.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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