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2016-06-09 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Where is the dog warden in Como Park? I just got bit for the second time from unleashed dogs. I’m getting sick of suing people. Please have the dog warden act on these unleashed dogs.

.Why does the code enforcement office send me a letter to tell me to cut my grass in front of my house on Lake Avenue, and yet the gas station at the corner of Central and Broadway hasn’t cut its grass at all, and that’s in middle of the town. Do your job before you condemn someone else.

.What a shame that Lancaster no longer reads the names of the veterans who have died in wartime. That is the whole purpose, and it came to my attention that last year and this year they stopped doing this, and upon further inquiry, it was indicated that someone complained that it took too long to read the names. Yet, they didn’t have a problem spending the bulk of the time identifying political people in the crowd. What a shame that Lancaster has once again succumbed to one person’s complaint to devoid the entire idea of what Memorial Day is all about.

.The code enforcement of the garbage rules in the Town of Lancaster is a joke. Each week, I see trash bags, garbage left at the curb all day or days ahead of the scheduled pickup and nothing is done. If the law cannot or will not be enforced, then just abolish the law.

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