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2016-08-11 / Letters to the Editor

Village ethics code is unethical

An ethics code should be a process in which the results of any advisory opinion and/or an investigation of ethics violations would not be perceived by the taxpayers as a conflict of interest.

Using the appointed village attorney as the handler of advisory opinion and ethics code violation requests is in itself a perceived conflict of interest.

An example would be Trustee William Schroeder who lives in the same house as Dawn Gaczewski and continually votes for her as special events coordinator. If someone were to request an investigation into the ethics of that vote, how would Village Attorney Arthur Herdzik make a decision on the ethics of that vote without the appearance of a conflict of interest?

As someone who draws a salary from his appointment to his position as village attorney by the village trustees, how could his decision be viewed as non-conflicted?

A non-paid advisory board would not have that conflict, in my humble opinion.

Georgia Schlager
Central Avenue

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