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2016-08-11 / Police Blotter

Empty cough medicine bottle found in DWI case


Thursday, July 28

• A man described as extremely drunk and vulgar and reportedly attempting to get into his vehicle to leave Como Lake Park was later stopped on Lake Avenue. Police reported finding an empty bottle of vodka in the front seat and an empty 4-ounce bottle of liquid cough medicine. The man was reportedly unable to perform sobriety tests due to an inability to stand. He was arrested and allegedly registered a 0.19 percent blood alcohol level. He was picked up by his mother and is due in court in late August.

Monday, Aug. 1

• At approximately 3 a.m., police observed a car driving onto the Thruway without headlights. When the vehicle was stopped, police noticed a strong odor of marijuana. The driver said it was from earlier in the evening but when patrol looked inside, a blunt was reportedly visible between the driver’s seat and front center console. Police allegedly also found a glass fruit jar filled with about 29 grams of marijuana. The subject was taken into custody and released on $100 bail. Her vehicle was towed.

• An officer was called to a home on Laverack Avenue regarding a complaint of suspected drug activity with the caller’s tenant. Reports suggested the woman was in a Chevrolet in the area returning after the alleged activity. Police found the vehicle and reportedly observed three occupants trying to hide hypodermic instruments. The individuals were removed from the vehicle, and in the back seat police allegedly found four hypodermic instruments, five glassine envelopes possibly containing heroin, and two bottle caps containing small cotton balls with suspected heroin residue. Two of the individuals were released and are due back in court, but the driver was the subject of an active bench warrant from Buffalo and was turned over to Buffalo police.

• Police observed a vehicle driving 75 mph in a 30-mph zone on Broadway near Aurora Street. The driver reportedly tried to outrun police and, once stopped, with the officer getting out of the vehicle, the individual tried to drive off again. Police caught him and noticed glassy eyes, impaired speech, impaired motor coordination and the odor of an alcoholic beverage. The driver allegedly registered a 0.09 percent BAC and was charged with DWI.

Thursday, Aug. 4

• Patrol observed a vehicle driving east on Laverack Avenue. An inquiry of the vehicle registration determined that the driver had a suspended license for failure to pay driver responsibility on a driving-while-impaired-by-alcohol charge from June. On approach of the vehicle, the officer noted the smell of marijuana. The driver would not cooperate with police and was removed and arrested. Police allegedly found hydrocodone and approximately 28 grams of marijuana in the vehicle. The driver was released on $1,100 bail.

Friday, Aug. 5

• Police responded to Laverack Avenue in response to a report of assault. The complainant said he was helping a friend move when the assailant allegedly called him and was making rude comments, then proceeded to kick in the apartment door and punch him in the right eye and lower lip. Two women reportedly confirmed what happened as eyewitnesses. The alleged assailant, who had returned home, was taken into custody. He is awaiting arraignment.


Tuesday, Aug. 2

• At an emergency medical service call on Walden Avenue, the patient had a laceration on his ankle, was visibly intoxicated and would not cooperate with police when asked how he got injured. He was treated at the scene but refused other medical attention. The woman he was with was also observed to be intoxicated and began swearing at police. She was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Wednesday, Aug. 3

• A hit-and-run reportedly occurred overnight on Olmstead Avenue. The complainant said his vehicle was struck while parked, damaging the driver’s side rear. Because the vehicle that allegedly caused the damage remains unknown, he was advised to contact his insurance company.

Thursday, Aug. 4

• Police responded to a report of grand larceny on Columbia Avenue. The caller said three Peri jacks, used in construction to hold up several thousand pounds, were stolen from him, each valued at $500. He accused his son of stealing and pawning them but had no proof. He plans to check local pawn shops and will contact police if any other evidence arises. If so, he plans to press charges.

Friday, Aug. 5

• A house fire on Claudette Court was caused by an electrical fire in the bathroom wall. Officers made sure the home and surrounding houses were vacant before the fire department extinguished it. It is determined to be a $175,000 loss with an additional $75,000 to the contents inside the house.

Saturday, Aug. 6

• Cheektowaga and Depew officers responded to the area of Walden Avenue for a reported road rage-related menacing incident involving a handgun. The individual allegedly involved was located, and a BB gun was reportedly in his car. The complainant was driving on Transit Road south of Walden Avenue when she passed the other car, and there appeared to be a black handgun hanging outside the window. She called police and signed charges against the man for alleged menacing in the second degree. The man was released from police custody and has a court date in late August.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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