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2016-10-06 / Letters to the Editor

We shouldn’t be told where to live

Twenty-seven years ago, my wife and built our home on a brand-new street in the Village of Depew, on the west side of Transit Road and in the Town of Cheektowaga.

It was close to our church, our family members and a part of the school system that we would want our future children to attend.

We were fully aware of the village tax bill that we would be responsible for, but from our research, we found that the services we would be getting would be exceptional.

We would have police, fire, DPW and garbage pickup services provided by the Village of Depew. There was a village pool, ice rink and park system as well.

We have not been disappointed with the quality of services we received. We raised our two children in this home, and they too have been very happy growing up in the village. We like our neighborhood and those that we come in contact with on a daily basis.

We have coached youth sports in our area and been active members of our church at times. My son and I have been volunteer firefighters with the West End Hose Co. No. 6 for the past six-plus years, and I am a village trustee. My wife and I volunteer time at the Tri-Community Food Pantry.

We decided a long time ago that we wanted to live in the Village of Depew.

If we had been unhappy with the village tax, the quality of services provided or the neighborhood, then we could move someplace else.

Instead we have stayed, and long after I have served my time as a volunteer firefighter and trustee, my wife and I intend to continue to be residents of the Village of Depew and not the Town of Cheektowaga. No one should be able to tell us where to live.

As a result, we will be voting not to dissolve our village.

Kevin J. Peterson
Babbette Drive

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