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2016-10-06 / Local News

Councilman uses consulting experience


Walter Walter Lancaster Town Councilman Matthew Walter has been a voice in the community under many capacities, first as chief operating officer for Oogie Games and later as a small business consultant with West Seneca’s Casciano Consulting Group.

Taking on his role as councilman was a natural next step to better the community through his business expertise.

“I think I can bring some of that experience in helping keep things better organized and keep things running smoothly, which is what I do on the business side of things, and hopefully we can bring some of that to the political side as well,” said Walter.

As a business consultant, Walter looks to help small businesses such as Oogie flourish by doing what they do best, while he takes on back-office bookkeeping responsibilities.

“Some are great at the marketing thing and great at the strategic thinking thing and really just need us to act as CFOs and as bookkeepers. Other ones we run as much as we can of it because they just want to focus on what they do best,” said Walter.

While Walter was running for the council seat he currently holds, his experience at Oogie played a huge role in how government officials and the public viewed him as a prospective candidate.

“A lot of it was centered on Oogie because of the work I did over there with [Oogie employees] Kevin [Mc- Mullen] and Jamie [McCracken]. As far as what I’m doing town-wise, I think there’s an awful lot of, there’s a lot more than what I was expecting, from an involvement and a time perspective, and really a commitment, which is not an issue. I love doing it all,” said Walter.

Although Walter tries to incorporate his experiences as a consultant to his role as councilman, there was and is a lot of adjusting to the public sector.

“I don’t think there’s anything I could have done in the private sector that would have prepared me for the way things have to be done legislatively; it’s a whole different ball of wax,” added Walter.

The councilman currently serves as the Town Board’s liaison for the Lancaster Public Library, dog control, the School Board, and most recently public safety.

The public safety role will deal with “all manner of public safety, whether it’s street signage, whether it’s parking or speed limits, anything having to do with the Police Department,” said Walter.

The councilman has served on nonprofit boards for years, and his board role and liaison responsibilities are new and exciting compared to what he has dealt with in the past.

“I actually pulled back from all those when I ran for town office, so the fact that it is more consuming is not a bad thing. We just got our budgets handed to us over the weekend, so I’m excited to really dig into that,” added Walter.

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