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2016-10-06 / Police Blotter

Woman mistakes Genesee for Transit


Friday, Sept. 23

• A man was parked in a handicapped spot at Motel 6 on Freeman Drive without any observable tag visible on or inside the car. The man said he was not handicapped but had parked there to wait for his girlfriend. When asked for identification the man gave a false name since he had a warrant out against him in Cheektowaga.

• A driver traveling on Seitz Avenue failed to signal when turning left on Central Avenue. Police found the man had a suspended license from one previous incident.

Saturday, Sept. 24

• Police pulled over a driver for an inoperable headlight along Transit Road, immediately noticing a strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. The man driving started yelling at another man in the passenger seat, asking him to hand over the marijuana that was stored in the glove box. When police asked if that was all they had, the driver again started yelling at the man in the passenger seat, who produced more from the center console.

When police searched the vehicle they found two more plastic sandwich bags of marijuana.

• Police pulled over a man driving on Walden Avenue for an inoperable brake light, then found the man had a suspended license as of a Sept. 9, 2015, out-of-state pending court submission. A warrant check also showed a valid warrant out for the man from the City of Buffalo.

Sunday, Sept. 25

• A man struck and damaged a speed limit sign on Broadway in the Village of Lancaster, then continued driving onto Aurora Street. When police were able to question the man, he said he had about five beers at his son’s house during the football game, then stopped at Ted’s for hot dogs. The man reportedly failed field sobriety tests and had an alleged 0.16 percent blood alcohol level at roadside.

Monday, Sept. 26

• A woman driving on Genesee Street near Gunnville Road was pulled over for reckless driving, as she had traveled in the wrong lane several times. The woman was reportedly so impaired she thought she was on Transit Road in Cheektowaga. Police explained to her that she was on Genesee Street in the Town of Lancaster heading toward Alden. While performing field sobriety tests, the woman kept falling over. A breath test came back as zero percent BAC, suggesting the woman’s impairment was drug-related. Her blood was drawn for further testing.


Monday, Sept. 26

• A man was caught stealing Coricidin from Wegmans by attempting to store packages in his motorcycle helmet and pockets.

• Police arrested a man for petit larceny after he stole several packages of Gillette razor blades from Wegmans. Employees are familiar with the man from previous larcenies at the same store.

• A woman reported her license plate stolen at an unknown time or date.

• Police responded to Northeast Metrology on Broadway when a man stated an unknown person had damaged the passenger side front window of his car. Police aren’t sure what caused the damage.

Tuesday, Sept. 27

• A man mowing the grass for the Polish Falcons on Columbia Avenue reported his wallet stolen from his car. The man told police he saw another man walking around the parking lot looking suspicious.

Wednesday, Sept. 28

• Police pulled over a driver at Dick Road and Lydia Lane for speeding. The driver had a suspended license due to seven scoffs on three separate dates out of Gates, Victor and Macedon, New York.

• A woman received a call from US Bank stating that a man had opened an account in her name and charged more than $2,000. Police suggested the woman file a police report so US Bank can investigate the situation.

Thursday, Sept. 29

• Police responded to a report of shoplifting at Tops in D&L Plaza. A man had allegedly stolen $42.41 worth of merchandise. While being transported, the man said he didn’t have any food in the fridge but stole a Bills hat for someone else.

Saturday, Oct. 1

• A woman called police to report that her television cable kept getting cut. A camera was set up on the northeast side of her home to catch whoever was cutting the cable. Footage captured a foot, but the case was still closed due to poor visibility and a lack of solvability factors.

• A man walked into the Police Department to turn in two pistols per the Erie County Pistol Permit Bureau, a 25-caliber Sterling and 38-caliber Colt.

• Police are looking into a report of a girl’s stolen bike from Canton Street. It is a mountain bike with magenta and white coloring.

Sunday, Oct. 2

• A man attempting to purchase a car through Craigslist for $700 was fooled into leaving the money under a flowerpot at the McDonald’s on Broadway. The seller claimed he worked at the McDonald’s and couldn’t come out to get the money while working. The buyer was advised the car could be picked up at a home on St. James Place, but when the man went to get the keys no one was home. He went back to the McDonald’s and found the money gone. The Craigslist ad was taken down, and tenants at the St. James Place residence were unaware of the issue. Management at McDonald’s will look at footage from that day to see who may have stolen the money.

• A woman said her son stole 90 tablets of Opana, a schedule II narcotic, from her purse and sold them the same day. The boy’s parents wish to prosecute for the larceny, and a warrant is to be sought.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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