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2017-05-18 / Business

Entrepreneurs sought for Motoped business expansion

Stampede Capital Partners is offering a franchising opportunity to own a Motoped store anywhere in the United States, according to a press release.

A Motoped is a motorized bicycle that has the ability to be pedaled like a regular bicycle, but also has a switch that allows riders to turn on the motor and ride with their feet rested on the pedals.

Stores consist of a custom-made, 20-foot shipping container that opens to form an awning-covered kiosk.

Adjacent to the mobile store, the Motopeds will be displayed, ready to be rented during operating hours.

Motopeds, which are meant for riders ages 16 and older, are rented in hour increments.

Stampede Capital Partners function as the RentMOTOPED Team, located at 43 Central Ave. in Lancaster.

It is partnering with the Motoped team, with bikes manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri.

Together, the two parties plan to sell multiple franchises in the first year of sales.

According to the release, the investment needed for the franchise is at most $200,000, much of which can be financed.

Ideal locations for the franchise include tourist-heavy locations, cities with adventurous residents and areas with abundant room for on- and off-road trekking.

Each Motoped Store will have a website with capabilities for people to reserve Motopeds as a rental. The stores will also offer Motoped branded gear such as tanks, shirts, hats and sunglasses.

RentMOTOPED does not require that owners of a franchise operate their store, if they choose to hire an employee to manage daily operations.

Any inquiries involving this opportunity, the RentMOTOPED Team, or Stampede Capital Partners can email them at franchises@rentmotoped.com or by phone at 302-404-6686.

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