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2017-05-25 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.People don’t seem to understand: we pay taxes to Depew and we get services from Depew. We pay exorbitant taxes to Cheektowaga and Lancaster and get no services. If they had to cover us in addition to those they presently cover, it would cost us even more. That makes sense to me. And now Lancaster has to redo its sewers. We’ve already done ours.

.Why in the world would anybody be cutting the grass on Central Avenue, those hills? There are more ruts now from the grass cutter, and it looks terrible. Also, I did notice that the guy who was operating the grass cutter was in jeopardy because the machine was sliding down the hill and almost created a terrible accident for that worker.

.To the “nothing’s right in the village of Lancaster” resident, Plum Bottom Creek is a town project to stabilize the eroding stream bank. Please check your facts on the way out of the village as you apologize to the DPW. I hope you enjoy your new home. Please move somewhere where you’ll be happy.

.I just read the Bee Heard for this week and I totally agree with the deplorable condition that St. Mary’s cemetery is in. My loved one lies there in the mausoleum and it was not cheap, and it is disgusting to see how the grounds are kept up. Not only are there trailers and snowplows and a boat there, people also use it as a parking lot in winter. I’m totally disgusted. Something needs to be done.

.This so-called president is either going to get impeached or he is going to have to resign. He is so criminal that he is causing people from all different governmental departments to get involved with his lies and corruption and he is going to take everyone one of them down with him. This has got to be stopped. This is not the way we in the United States of America handle our government. We need someone who can uphold all the laws.

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