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2017-06-15 / Business

Salon De Kat aims to offer more than the typical beauty shop

by AMY ROBB Editor

Kathleen Beardsley proudly stands in front of her reception area at Salon De Kat, at 4990 Broadway in Depew. 
Photo by Chuck Skipper Kathleen Beardsley proudly stands in front of her reception area at Salon De Kat, at 4990 Broadway in Depew. Photo by Chuck Skipper For Kathleen Beardsley, opportunity comes in many forms.

The Lockport native had always wanted to be part of the beauty industry, but early in life found herself working in a factory.

Beardsley worked for Sherwood in Lockport for 11 years, moving her way up to become a machinist, then quality control employee, until a major life shift forced her to reassess what she wanted to do going forward.

“The company that I worked for did fold, and when they did, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and went back to school and did what I always wanted to do,” said Beardsley.

While dealing with unemployment, a divorce, raising her two boys and purchasing her own home, Beardsley decided to pursue her dream and dive head first into a beauty career.

“I went to Leon’s Studio One School for hair design; I also went to Leon’s for esthetics as well, so I have both my licenses,” she said.

Beardsley came through a difficult time in her life with a deep appreciation for those who are passionate about what they do and tenacious enough to keep pursuing that goal regardless of twists and turns.

“I really love every aspect of my job. Having worked in a factory for 11 years, I truly hated my job. Now, I’m not rich. I live a very modest life, but I’m happy. I’m very happy, and I think that’s something a lot of people lack in their life.

“I’ve worked very hard in everything I’ve ever done, and nothing has come easily, nothing has ever been given to me. I take a lot of pride in that.”

Beardsley got her first job in the business at a nail salon in Medina and opened her own business, Salon De Kat, in March.

The Depew salon offers a variety of beauty-related services, including cuts, styling, perms, color, highlights, manicures, pedicures and most notably, body sugaring, a type of hair removal service.

Sugaring, an alternative to waxing, originated in the Middle East. Beardsley received her certification to use Alexandria products, a sugaring brand.

“A lot of times with wax services, the wax is applied with the growth of the hair and it’s removed against the growth of the hair, so oftentimes the hair will break before it’s removed; you’re not getting the hair from the root,” she added.

For sugaring, which uses all natural ingredients and is applied to the skin at a lukewarm temperature, the process is opposite.

“It’s applied against the growth of the hair, and it’s removed with the growth of the hair, and there’s also a molding process that helps to seep the sugar into the pore, and it can remove the hair from a deeper depth,” said Beardsley.

“You are going to see a permanent reduction of hair but not a permanent hair loss; the hair will still grow. Oftentimes the hair comes in much finer and lighter in color when it does start to come back. Once you get that hair on a growth pattern it really is a wonderful process.”

Sugaring may still be painful for customers, but it’s considered a gentler way to remove hair than waxing.

“You’re still removing the hair from the root, but a lot of times even with waxing services you’ll see people, their eyebrows will be red for quite some time afterwards. Sugar is not much warmer than room temperature. It’s not going to burn the skin at all and the redness, under most circumstances, will abate within an hour or so,” said Beardsley.

“Most reactions are a histamine reaction, which is something that happens not from the product but from the hair being removed, and that does fade away rather quickly as well.”

Prices for sugaring vary depending on what area a client would like done. They range from $15 for eyebrows to $45 for the chest.

Salon De Kat is located at 4990 Broadway in Depew. For questions about sugaring, other services provided, and pricing, call 681-3500, email salondekat@gmail.com or visit “Salon De Kat” on Facebook.

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