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2017-08-10 / Letters to the Editor

Matthew’s Table aims to enrich community life

An article about Matthew’s Table, a ministry of Lord of Life Lutheran Church, appeared recently in The Lancaster/ Depew Bee.

Unfortunately, the impression that some members of the community took away from the article does not accurately reflect the purpose of our ministry. I am writing to briefly explain what Matthew’s Table is and what we hope to accomplish through it.

Lord of Life Lutheran Church has been deeply engaged with the community since its inception in 1972. We have provided day care services for children and adults for more than 40 years.

As we explored other ways to reach out to our community, we became aware of an opportunity to bring the community together for fellowship and to address the expressed needs of the residents.

We identified this need by talking to a variety of people throughout Cheektowaga and Depew. Our vision was to invite anyone in the Depew area who would like to enjoy a delicious, homemade dinner with us to come, eat and share our stories.

Jesse Nikonowicz, the mayor of Depew, graciously offered the use of the Depew Senior Center, and we hosted our first community dinner at the end of April.

These monthly community dinners quickly became the vehicle for new friendships within the Depew neighborhood as well as with Lord of Life. Lives have been changed by the simple act of sharing a meal together.

Everyone is welcome at Matthew’s Table. It is unfortunate that there is a perception that our ministry is intended only for a limited segment of our community. It is our desire that anyone in our community who would like to join us will do so.

Our monthly community dinners take place from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Depew Senior Center, 85 Manitou St. in Depew.

Rev. Deborah L. Turley,
Lord of Life Lutheran

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