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2017-09-07 / Letters to the Editor

Library gifts are appreciated

For the past several years, the Friends of the Lancaster Public Library has been covering the cost of “keeping the lights on” for Sundays, which is one of the busiest days.

This has been possible through donations from many people.

Another year will be starting soon, and we will continue to “keep the lights on.”

We will be accepting donations for Sundays; the cost for one Sunday is $300, but smaller donations are also greatly appreciated.

Anyone sponsoring the entire

Sunday will be publicly recognized.

The following people and organizations generously supported Sundays over the past year:

Daryl Patterson; Lancaster Central School District; Judith Bailey; Parent-Teacher Organization Council; Lebert and Kay Puma; Lancaster-Depew Retired Teachers; Matt and Kelly Walter; Depew Middle School Teachers Organization; Joseph Patterson Jr.; Barbara Tamol; Albert Martin; Phyllis Dickinson; Lakeside Concrete Services; Lancaster Association of Substitute Teachers; David and Stephanie Drisko; Apple Rubber Products Inc.; AVOX Systems; Suzanne Jacobs; Elizabeth Gritman; Ginny Beardsell; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casimino; Frank Maddock; Edward and Marcia Myszka; Bruce and Martha Smith; Ralph and Lorraine Yorio; Depew Lancaster Ladies Auxiliary; Fraternal Order of Eagles 2692; Dale and Carol Volker; Brown Chiari Attorneys; Johanna Coleman; Anthony D’More; Peg Reddien; Ronny’s Takeout; Camille Lewandowski; Eva Mroczka; and Anne Pomaski.

Jeanette Dickinson
Ransom Road

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