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2017-10-05 / Letters to the Editor

Health care cost is too high

As we listen to all the never ending jargon on health care, I must have missed the part about what to do with the drug companies.

There is always talk of the drug companies charging outrageous prices, their gigantic profits and the salaries and bonuses for the executives.

I often wonder if that was brought in line along with eliminating the endless commercials that tell you before you use this product to consult your doctor, and be careful because this drug may cause more problems or even death.

These are not over-the-counter items, so let the doctors do their job and pour the billions of dollars saved into bringing the cost of health care in line.

I would like thank Andrew R. Graham of Buffalo for his views on this problem, and hopefully we can get the rest of the country to speak up. I don’t think we can count on our elected officials to be of much help.

Frank Maddock
Wren Avenue

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