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2017-10-05 / Police Blotter

Safelite employees find suspected crack


Friday, Sept. 22

• A man was pulled over along Genesee Street near Transit Road for erratic driving, moving between lanes without signaling. When police spoke with the driver, the car was still in drive; it took approximately 100 yards for the vehicle to actually pull over. The man was visibly intoxicated, failing field sobriety tests and having an alleged 0.18-percent blood alcohol level. The breath test took multiple tries to complete, as the man kept dropping the mouthpiece onto the officer’s keyboard, causing the test to malfunction.

• A man and woman were reportedly caught shoplifting at Walmart along Transit Road, cutting items out of their original packages and removing security sensors. The man allegedly left the store with a cart full of items, several knives in his pockets, as well as a flashlight and pistol in his waistband. The woman paid only for some items before passing all points of sale, authorities said. Both individuals signed a No Trespassing Form and were advised that they cannot go to any Walmart nationwide.

Monday, Sept. 23

• An individual was reportedly caught shoplifting at Walmart and was stopped by loss prevention personnel. The person was kept at the store until police arrived on scene.

Monday, Sept. 25

• Police were called to the parking lot of Como Park Elementary School for a suspicious recreational vehicle with Ohio plates. There was a dog inside panting heavily, as it was approximately 94 degrees, according to police. Officers cut a hole in the screen window to let the dog out and provided water. Town of Lancaster dog control took custody of the dog. The woman responsible called dispatch about her RV and dog, eventually receiving an appearance ticket for animal cruelty.


Monday, Sept. 25

• A motorcyclist was cut off while riding along Broadway near D&L Plaza, forcing him to lose control. The bike skidded out from under him and was found on Broadway at Brunswick Road. The rider was transported to Erie County Medical Center; the other driver was issued a summons for making an illegal left-hand turn into the D&L lot.

• The owner of Carl’s Lotto along Dick Road called police to report fraud. A woman claiming to be with Western Union called the business, stating that the Western Union machine update was needed. She told the owner to enter two transactions for $333.33 and $444.44 and hit cancel after each one, and enter his zip code. Shortly after the call, a representative from Western Union’s fraud department called to inform the owner of the fraud and that they are attempting to recover the funds.

Tuesday, Sept. 26

• Two women were caught allegedly shoplifting from Hobby Lobby along George Urban Boulevard. Authorities said one of the women returned items for cash, while the other woman passed all points of sale with a cart full of merchandise.

Wednesday, Sept. 27

• Police responded to Wegmans along Dick Road for reports of a male shoplifter. The man carried a basket full of grocery items, approximately $45 in value, past all points of sale, and headed to his car. When confronted by loss prevention, the man dropped the items and drove away. An officer went to his residence; his mother answered the door and said he wasn’t at home and may be at a friend’s house, according to police narrative.

• A man was driving recklessly along Transit Road near Olmstead Avenue, speeding and cutting off other cars. Police located the vehicle along Olmstead Avenue. The driver was reportedly caught with a small bag of marijuana and a smoking pipe.

Thursday, Sept. 28

• Police were called after a man reported his bank accounts had unauthorized withdrawals. Two withdrawals of $100 and $9,675 were taken from his checking account; $100 and $25,000 were taken from the man’s money market account. Funds were transferred to a Key Bank account and to a Kabbage Inc. account.

Friday, Sept. 29

• Safelite Autoglass employees found what appeared to be crack cocaine while replacing a passenger-side window; a driver had brought his wife’s car into their location along Walden Avenue. Eighteen small bags containing suspected crack were found in the door. The manager notified the man, who told employees he “did not want anything to do with narcotics and asked Safelite employees to throw them out,” according to police. A collective decision was made among employees and the manager to flush the suspected crack down the toilet and throw the bags in the garbage. One of the employees took pictures of the suspected drugs before throwing them out. Concerned that there were more drugs in the car, the man asked employees to remove the driver side panel, too, and more bags containing suspected crack cocaine fell out. It was then that employees decided to call police.

Sunday, Oct. 1

• A pedestrian was struck in the area of Walden and Rossiter avenues. The driver told police she was waiting to turn onto Walden and it appeared that a man jogging was going to let her pass, but he ran across the road in front of her. The man was conscious and alert on scene; he was taken to ECMC via LVAC.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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