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2017-11-09 / Editorial

Dog park at Como Lake Park is a common-sense project

Erie County New York State Senator Legislator

As a proud owner of two dogs, making sure they have a safe place to run around beyond my front yard is important to me.

Not too long ago, a group of concerned pet owners formed a group named Lancaster Unleashed with the goal of bringing a dog park to Lancaster.

With the closest dog park being in Amherst and with more than 6,000 dog owners in Lancaster, a park in our community makes complete sense. The group has been working for years now to raise funds to operate the park and has worked with the town and county to try to find a suitable location.

Recently, I had the chance to meet with the group and learn about their latest proposed site in Como Lake Park. I’m completely onboard.

The park is already home to many great pavilions, an outstanding disc golf course, and a sledding hill in the winter. Providing a place for all of our furry friends to get out and run around without being attached to a leash would be a great addition to the park and help bring in new visitors.

Later this month, I’ll be hosting a committee meeting with Lancaster Unleashed and the County Parks Department to discuss this proposal and see what we can do to find a location that will be good for the county, our residents and most importantly, our pets. I’m hopeful we will be able to hammer out a great proposal and work with the administration and my colleagues in the Legislature.

In next month’s column, I’ll provide an update on the county budget, which is due to be approved in December. The County Executive recently announced his proposal for the 2018 budget, and the Legislature will be holding budget hearings next week with each department to discuss how funds are being utilized and to determine funding needs.

A public hearing will occur on

Tuesday, Nov. 21, to gather your feedback and what matters to you in the budget.

I continue my annual pledge to reduce taxes each year I’m in office while ensuring funding for infrastructure, parks and the services our residents expect and deserve. Last year, we were able to accomplish all of that while providing funding for great programs like the Lancaster Opera House, Plymouth Crossroads and the Hull House Foundation. I’m optimistic that we will be successful again.

As always, should you have any questions on this or any other issue, give me a call at 858-8856 or send an email to ted.morton@erie.gov.

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