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2017-12-07 / Police Blotter

Depew woman deals with glute bite from dog


Monday, Nov. 27

• Police initiated a traffic stop at Pleasant View and Forton drives after a DMV check confirmed a vehicle’s registration was expired. Hydrocodone pills were located in the woman’s purse in an unmarked prescription bottle. The woman was taken into custody.

• A man, completely wet and without shoes, crashed his mother’s car into a fence on Foxhunt Road, after losing control on Pheasant Run Lane. The man told officers he had gone to a vape shop on Transit Road after smoking marijuana, and when he crashed the car, panicked and ran home. He had taken several prescription medications as well, and was transported to Erie County Medical Center for a blood draw.

Tuesday, Nov. 28

• An individual was allegedly caught shoplifting from Walmart, 4975 Transit Road. A total of $49.84 in merchandise was stolen; the store will make a copy of security footage to send to police.


Tuesday, Nov. 28

• Police and Depew Fire responded to a dryer fire at a home on Kieffer Avenue. It was caused by too much lint in the lint trap.

• A male bicyclist was struck by a vehicle at the corner of Broadway and A Street. The female driver told police the man had cut into traffic on his bike and that she didn’t have enough time to break. The man admitted to drinking throughout the day but couldn’t remember how much he had; he submitted to a preliminary breath test with negative results for alcohol. Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps transported the man to ECMC for an injury to the back of the head, pain in his leg, swelling above his left eye and bleeding from the mouth.

Thursday, Nov. 30

• A woman came to the station concerned about her son, who hadn’t spoken to her, left the house and had eaten very little for the past month. The son was the subject of a warrant out of Buffalo, was transported to the station and was picked up by Buffalo police there.

• A bicycle was stolen from a Main Street apartment hallway. The owner suspects another tenant stole the bike; detectives will follow up with the issue.

Friday, Dec. 1

• A male driver was caught traveling 48 mph in a 30-mph zone along George Urban Boulevard, almost rear-ending another vehicle and going into the curb lane to pass said vehicle. He told police he was heading to his girlfriend’s house after having a couple of beers at Route 78. Visibly intoxicated, the man failed field sobriety tests and refused to submit to a preliminary breath test. He admitted to officers he had been arrested for DWI in the past.

Saturday, Dec. 2

• A woman told police her landlord, who is also her aunt, stole her dryer and refrigerator from the Kokomo Street apartment and told another tenant to scrap the items. The woman has a civil suit against her landlord and requested the police report be on record for her lawyer.

• Police responded to a home on Alys Drive East after reports of an animal bite. The homeowner told officers he was playing with his pit bull when the dog lunged for his wife, biting down on her left glute and not letting go, causing pain and bleeding. The man hit the dog several times on the head before the animal let go, and quarantined the dog in the laundry room, according to police. Cheektowaga Dog Control told officers the pit bull is not registered with the town and has no known vaccination record. The dog was a rescue and came from an unknown third party, according to the homeowner. The woman was transported to Sisters of Charity Hospital, St. Joseph Campus, in a private vehicle.

Sunday, Dec. 3

• A man left Hillview Restaurant on Transit Road without paying his bill, a total of $24.87. The man left in a pickup, according to restaurant workers.

• Officers responded to a home on Hawro Place for reports of a missing Social Security card. The resident got a Facebook message from another woman stating that she found her Social Security card on the ground near Transit Road and George Urban Boulevard, but when police went to pick up the card, the woman told officers she couldn’t remember where she put it. The Hawro resident was told to follow up with Social Security to get a new card and to keep an eye on her finances for any suspicious activity. At the time of the police report, the card is considered lost, not stolen.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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