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2018-01-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.About the mayor’s comment that the DPW came out on Christmas, this is not the first time the DPW came out on Christmas. They are compensated with double time-and-a-half for their snowplowing efforts. Where were the plows in the village on Dec. 17, 22 and 29? All side streets are in deplorable condition and need plowing. Two salt trucks do not cut it trying to melt the snow; it’s called a snowplow. If we need a new superintendent to put out the plows, let’s get one. Depew and the Town of Lancaster streets were plowed on each of those days. Residents are watching.

.Why doesn’t the Town of Lancaster or county keep the intersections where kids need to cross the street clear? At Walden and Central, kids have to walk over mounds of snow to cross the street. It’s ridiculous.

.Why are the intersections where people have to walk across the street cleaned on the south side of Walden and Central and not on the north side? You have to walk over snowbanks to cross the street. Is one part the village and one the town?

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