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2018-01-11 / Front Page

Village takes no action on parking issue


The Lancaster Village Board opted to take no action on a local parking issue at Monday’s meeting.

Board members held a public hearing on restricting parking near Central Avenue Elementary School, but no residents commented on the proposal.

The change would have made it illegal to park along the entire length of the east side of Division Street between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The issue was brought to the board by six residents who wrote a letter stating that parents picking up and dropping off children at the elementary school was causing a nuisance.

They wrote that it had become difficult for residents of the street to find parking and safely move about their neighborhood.

Board members informed the school’s administrators of the issue, hoping the school would create its own solution.

Since no members of the community chose to support the proposal at the hearing, the board decided to take no action. Mayor William Schroeder expressed hope that the situation had sorted itself out and made the point that the issue can be revisited in the future if the problem persists.

In another matter, the board moved forward with its proposed Sewer System Evaluation Survey and Corrective Action Plan.

The village received correspondence from the state Department of Environmental Conservation informing it that the village had been awarded the Engineering Planning Grant.

The board passed several resolutions on the topic, beginning with one that executed a grant agreement with the state Environmental Facilities Corporation to fund the majority of the project.

The grant is $56,000 and requires at least a 20 percent match. The village will provide $14,000. The total cost of the project to study and improve the sewer system is $70,000.

Additionally, the board determined that the proposal is not subject to environmental review under the Environmental Conservation Law. This means the village is not required to undertake any actions based on the finding of the studies. A fourth resolution determined that services will be rendered by Watts Architecture and Engineering. The project will not begin until the Environmental Facilities Corporation gives approval for the project.

The board received further correspondence from the Department of Environmental Conservation informing it that it will receive a $22,000 grant through the Climate Smart Communities Program.

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