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2018-02-08 / Editorial

Parking for events should adhere to village rules

Bee Editorial

It’s nothing new to see group meetings, meat raffles and various benefits happening at the same time, sometimes in the same building or vicinity, in the Village of Lancaster.

It’s great to see community members use municipal and organizational buildings for different activities, but that brings up a whole other issue: parking.

It has been brought to The Bee’s attention that parking in the village has become congested when different events are happening at the same time, or overlapping on busy evenings and on weekends.

According to Mayor William Schroeder, recent events at the Moose Lodge have caused serious parking issues in the adjacent municipal lot.

People have been parking in fire lanes, spots reserved for volunteer firefighters, sometimes blocking aisles and being too close to roadways. Other people have been caught parking in handicap spots without a handicap tag.

“One of the largest concerns during situations such as these are that our firefighters would not have the access they need in the event of an emergency call,” said Schroeder.

“Parking is a premium when there are activities at the Moose, and the club leaders have attempted to assist in notifying patrons of illegally parked cars, but that takes a great amount of time and is no guarantee that the offenders will move the cars in violation.”

It makes sense. No one wants to walk far in winter weather. We all want to find that perfect parking spot near our destination. But, if that means blocking a fire lane when our first responders need to get somewhere quickly, it’s better to walk a bit. The mayor suggests people park in designated spaces and in public lots at Broadway and Central Avenue, as well as in the Clark Street municipal lot instead.

The Lancaster Village Public Works Department is in the process of posting new and easily readable signs within this busy part of the village outlining parking rules, and will reconfigure and re-stripe parking lines once the weather breaks, the mayor said. In the meantime, however, violators of parking rules will be towed at the owner’s expense.

“We cannot allow the Municipal Lot to become blocked and inaccessible for our fire department and residents on village business,” added Schroeder.

To review village code regarding parking, fines and towing, visit www.lancastervillage.org and view “Chapter 325: Vehicles and Traffic” under village code.

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