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2018-03-08 / Police Blotter

Corned beef prep sets off CO detector


Friday, Feb. 23

• After investigating a suspicious vehicle parked in the lot at Our Lady of Pompeii Church, 158 Laverack Ave., officers arrested a man and woman for the alleged possession of marijuana. The man was reportedly selling $70 worth of marijuana to the woman; officers said they also confiscated a metal grinder and glass pipe from the vehicle.

Sunday, Feb. 25

• Officers initiated a traffic stop at the corner of William and Aurora streets. The male driver didn’t have his vehicle’s headlights on and also drove across the center dividing line and fog line on the right side multiple times. Visibly intoxicated, the man reportedly had two cans of Blue Light open in the center console cup holders, both half full. Police said he failed field sobriety tests and had a 0.17 percent blood-alcohol level.


Wednesday, Feb. 28

• An unknown person hacked an individual’s Facebook account, changing the name and profile picture. Detectives were able to trace the hack to a relay tower near Whitman, Massachusetts.

Thursday, March 1

• Officers and members of the Depew Fire Department were called to a home on Barnabas Drive after carbon monoxide alarms were activated. A woman had been cooking corned beef on the stovetop for several hours. National Fuel determined that the alarm was activated due to a large pot being used and not a defect with the stove.

• Approximately $3,493 worth of items were stolen from an apartment on Gould Avenue: a 75-inch television, digital camera, cordless drill, $100 cash, four Oxycontin pills and four Loritabs. The tenant told officers she believes the individual had stolen the items overnight, since she had left her apartment around 5 p.m. that night and didn’t return until the next day. There were no signs of forced entry; the woman was unsure if she locked the door before she left.

Saturday, March 3

• A Cardinal Health employee was unable to tell police how he sustained major bruising to his face and a blackened and swollen left eye, as well as a bleeding right knee. The man appeared disoriented when speaking with police; he couldn’t remember the day of the week or the year. Another employee saw the man that morning wiping snow off his delivery truck at the Walden Avenue location, and then at the end of the day, walking aimlessly around the warehouse and laying product on the floor. It was determined that the man never made any of his deliveries for the day, as they were still in his truck. It’s unclear if the man was the victim of an assault or fell when he was cleaning off his truck. Officers will review video footage.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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