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2018-06-07 / Police Blotter

Dog treats, drugs found on man who hit pole


Friday, May 25

• A driver was reportedly all over the road in the area of Broadway and Bowen Road. An officer stopped the driver at Broadway and Schwartz Road. A passenger in the vehicle was the subject of a warrant with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and was placed into custody without incident. This woman also had a hypodermic needle in her purse. The needle was confiscated by police.

Saturday, May 26

• Two individuals were seen stealing Nike sneakers from Kohl’s, on Transit Road. The two were seen in the store later that day attempting to steal more merchandise.

• A woman was caught allegedly attempting to steal a cart full of items from Walmart, on Transit Road. The woman was stopped by police in the parking lot and taken into custody without further incident.

Sunday, May 27

• Police were called to Keysa Park regarding a man and woman allegedly smoking marijuana at the skate park. Upon speaking with the man and woman, officers noticed a burned marijuana smell, and a stronger marijuana smell coming from a backpack. The individuals told officers they could search the bag and that there were no drugs in it. Officers found a glass pipe and black plastic container with suspected marijuana.

Tuesday, May 29

• Officers responded to Kohl’s, on Transit Road, for a larceny in progress. Individuals allegedly attempted to conceal items on their person and pass all points of sale. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the individuals’ vehicle as they were attempting to leave the parking lot; stolen items were reportedly visible on the car floor.


Tuesday, May 29

• An Olmstead Avenue woman called police after her boyfriend reportedly removed the license plates from her vehicle and refused to return them. Officers attempted to get the plates from the boyfriend but were unsuccessful. The woman was advised to fill out a form for stolen plates.

• A woman spoke with officers at the station regarding a case of identity theft. The woman told police she had three fraudulent charges on her Bancorp Bank credit card for a total of $35.52. She called her bank to put a hold on her account while the bank investigates the charges.

• Officers responded to a home on Brewster Street after a man and woman were allegedly caught stealing $1,600 from the woman’s grandmother. When she confronted them about it, the granddaughter threw a picture frame, causing it to break. The boyfriend was the subject of warrants from Cheektowaga and Amherst and was turned over to Cheektowaga officers.

Thursday, May 31

• While conducting a patrol of Antoinette’s Sweets, officers saw a man stumbling around who appeared intoxicated. The man told officers he had a hypodermic needle in his pocket. He also told police he had a card in his wallet allowing him to be in possession of a needle, but he appeared to have lost his wallet.

• A woman called officers to report a hit-and-run accident. She was stuck in traffic on Dick Road when another driver rear-ended her vehicle and then left the scene.

• Officers responded to a Harvard Avenue resident. She told police her pool lining had been slashed in two places and that she suspects her husband; the two are currently going through a divorce. The woman is working on installing security cameras on the property.

Friday, June 1

• A man was pulled over at the corner of Meridian and Broadway for failing to fully stop at a stop sign. The man’s license was suspended for failure to answer a summons out of Buffalo. While conducting vehicle inventory, officers found several bags of suspected marijuana in the center console.

Saturday, June 2

• A man suspected of drug activity in the past was seen at the corner of Gould Avenue and Penora Street. Another man was seen walking along Gould; he went up to a residence, then over to the man waiting under a tree. Officers stopped the men after it appeared that something was transferred. The second man had a Suboxone strip in his back pocket. The first man was the subject of a warrant out of Lancaster and Cheektowaga, and was transferred to Lancaster police.

Sunday, June 3

• On Sanilac Street, officers helped a male driver who admitted to hitting a telephone pole. There was a large debris field and extensive front end damage to the vehicle. The man’s license was suspended, and he was taken into custody. After searching the man, officers found dog treats, which the man admitted to stealing from Walmart. Officers also found two wax bags, a syringe and glass pipe in the vehicle. It was unclear if the man was on heroin at the time of the accident.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual, sometimes humorous calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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