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2018-06-14 / Front Page

Depew on lookout for new clerk treasurer, village administrator

by AMY ROBB Editor

Jerackas Jerackas Maureen Jerackas, administrator and clerk treasurer for the Village of Depew, will be starting a new position as East Aurora’s clerk treasurer on July 9.

“I’m very excited to see how it goes in East Aurora. I enjoy starting new things and digging into new things. I think it will be a fun experience; I’m very excited to go there,” said Jerackas, who looks forward to focusing solely on the financial aspect of government.

“I’ve always been a financial person. That is my favorite part of my job here. I’m all about increasing fund balance and making sure that the village is fiscally responsible and ensuring that good fiscal decisions are made.”

Jerackas has served the Village of Depew for a little more than three years, navigating a multitude of difficult topics, including the dissolution vote, increasing the village’s fund balance and covering for departments such as public works, during staffing changes and legal proceedings.

“Learning the dissolution process while it was going on and having to educate the residents on it while I was learning it myself [was challenging],” said Jerackas.

“Also, getting the Community Development Block Grant money back from previous years. We got old money back, and being able to get money back was I think huge. We were able to do sewer projects, we were able to do sidewalk projects, be able to supply a lot of our seniors, as well as our fund balance, because we got back old money that I could prove we spent on things for seniors and such that we were able to put back, which I think was a big deal.”

Prior to her position at Depew, Jerackas worked as area site manager for RICOH USA for 11 years, covering upstate New York.

“I had employees that worked inside other businesses. Roswell Park, law firms downtown, other hospitals downtown. I had them throughout the state, so I would spend a lot of time traveling to different areas, and I spent a lot more time traveling than I was at home,” Jerackas said.

“I managed staff inside those buildings and managed the financials, and made sure my accounts were profitable. I would audit the accounts based on (RICOH’s) audit preference, to make sure they were following all the policies and procedures of them.”

Mayor Jesse Nikonowicz said the transition from the business sector to the political sector can be difficult, but Jerackas was able to learn and adapt.

“She worked very hard, and I think she’s done an excellent job,” added Nikonowicz.

“The village is in very good financial footing; that will come out with the audit quote from the state. Hopefully her replacement follows in her footsteps and keeps the village on strong financial footing.”

Depew is currently accepting resumes for Jerackas’ position, and encourages those looking to apply to do so as soon as possible.

“We’re going to do the best we can to get somebody here as soon as possible to give that person some time to train. Some of the applicants are from other municipalities and have done this before,” said Nikonowicz.

There is no deadline for when information needs to be submitted, according to Nikonowicz and Jerackas.

Look for a legal notice regarding the position in the June 21 issue of The Bee, and in the meantime check out the posting on the village’s Facebook page.

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