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2018-07-12 / Obituaries

Bee Heard

.The article on tree laws in the Village of Lancaster has me puzzled, since the Town of Lancaster has a forestry division and has been doing a wonderful job of planting trees in the Village of Lancaster. Do we need to duplicate this in the village?

.I am one of the lucky men who got bit by the nice, friendly, unleashed dogs at Como Park. These dogs should be on a leash, and those park rangers should be doing their job.

.When are they going to start mowing the sides of the road on William between Bowen and Schwartz? The fields are getting really high.

.We are starting another three- to four-day fiasco in the Village of Lancaster for the Fourth of July. I’ve lived around the village for almost 40 years, and this thing has gotten out of hand. I don’t see how it benefits the businesses on Central. When you talk to business owners, they don’t like it. You can’t even get down Central to get to your home. There is garbage left all over the village. Lancaster Village residents are the ones who have to clean up. As a resident of almost 40 years, not once have I ever been asked if I want my tax dollars used for this in any way. To have this in a residential area with businesses and homes more than 100 years old is dangerous and foolish.

.I absolutely agree with the caller from Depew concerning the bonfires started by inconsiderate people who do not think about where the smoke from their fire goes. I live in the Village of Lancaster, and night after night I am forced to close my windows to keep the smoke out. I often wonder if those people starting the bonfires actually stay near them or go elsewhere to get away from the smoke.

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