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2018-10-11 / Front Page

Depew addresses rat problem near Bloomfield, updates residents on village grants


The Depew Village Board heard from Peggy Ressler, a Bloomfield Avenue resident, regarding a rat problem in her yard at Tuesday night’s meeting.

Ressler believes the issue is tied to a lack of fencing between her property and Good Tymes South, which came under new management in the spring of this year.

Restaurant owners were asked to put a 6-foot fence between Ressler’s property and the restaurant, as the side facing Bloomfield is where the dumpster is placed. Rodents, as well as garbage, have been found on her property.

The condition was agreed upon when owners applied to have outdoor seating on premises in June of this year, with a deadline of Sept. 30.

“Part of the approval was they had to comply with certain conditions, and make that by a certain date, and they haven’t done anything,” said Ressler, who is hesitant to have her granddaughter play in the yard due to the current issue.

“[The board] gave them a good four months, because they just started their business, but come the 30th, nothing was done.”

The board, as well as Anthony Fischione, code enforcement officer, told Ressler they would look into the issue. A notice will be sent to the owners for compliance, and if that isn’t adhered to, the board could take other measures.

“What the board can do is hold a public hearing to withdraw their permission to continue to have outdoor dining if they don’t comply with this,” said Kathleen McDonald, village attorney.

In another matter, the board held a public hearing regarding Federal Community Development Block Grant funding. Although no one from the public spoke at the hearing, board members discussed what they would like to use the funding for, thanks to what they’ve seen and through community input.

“I mentioned Gould [Avenue] because a number of residents have seen what we’ve been doing [with other CDBG street work]. I took a drive by and they were right; the sidewalk is extremely terrible,” said Mayor Jesse Nikonowicz.

“I think if we do one more project, we’ll get a handle on most of the really bad sidewalks. I think moving forward, we need to come up with a better plan. We’re running out of sidewalks, for one, and secondly, we can make better use of that money if we just come up with a plan.”

Other streets the board may put funding toward are Penora Street and Suffield Avenue.

The village also approved a grant agreement through the New York State Environmental Facilities Corp., to continue with mandated sewer projects.

This $120,000 grant will help fund Phase 4 of the sewer mandate, or watershed number 8, which covers the area of Main and Manitou streets.

The next Depew Village Board meeting will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 22, at 85 Manitou St. in Depew. There is always a work session one hour prior to each meeting.

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